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Pristine Unspoiled Beach on The BIg Island

Hike to a deserted beach, palm trees, white sand, crystal clear water, this beach is not on maps and there are no signs.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 2.6 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Overview: Welcome to the District of Ka'u on the southwest corner of the Big Island of Hawaii. This is the southern most point in the ... more »

Tips:  Wear good shoes, not flip flops. Bring sunscreen. Food is also a good idea. But no matter what happens, bring lots and lots of water.

... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Begin at the end of the road: (Maikai Blvd)

Park at the end Maikai Blvd. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen and wear good hiking shoes. From where you'll park your car it is about 2 1/2 miles down to the ocean. On foot, follow the old 4 wheel drive road towards the ocean, you can't miss it and there is only one way to go, down.

The terrain is covered with lava flow and is beautiful in an... More

2. Along the public access road

The hike down is fairly easy but takes up to a couple hours. The landscape seems like a moonscape almost. Lava rock covers the whole area. There are collapsed lave tubes scattered along the way.

3. Kapu sign

Last time we were here there was a Kapu sign across the road. "Kapu" means keep out. It reads "permit access only" which is referring to the campsites on the lagoon, for which you will need a permit. You don't need permit to go a beach in Hawaii, all beaches are public. Locals often put signs up to keep their beaches more... More

4. Kanonoe Waterhole, Freshwater Lagoon, Campsite, Outhouse

The first stretch of ocean that you will come to is a beautiful little bay lined with coconut palms. There is a freshwater lagoon, an out-house, a couple fire pits and a campsite area. This is a great place to rest on the picnic table, soak your feet in the lagoon and try your hand at coconut cracking. You will be tempted to stay here but the... More

5. Pohue Bay

You've made it! This is the real deal, a beautiful, deserted, unspoiled white sandy beach that chances are, you will have to yourself. We have always seen people coming and going but have never been on the sand at the same time as anyone else.
There is a little hut at the entrance to the beach and it seems to be a smoking area. You will find in ... More

6. The return to trip: Uphill back to the beginning, the end of the road again

On the return trip, shortly after walking away from Pohue Bay you will encounter a fork, you can go to the left which will take you back to the lagoon, in case you need to use the out house or just want to see the lagoon again. If you veer to the right, I think you may save 10 minutes or so on the walk back.

Keep in mind on the walk back that you... More