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Gardners Marsh Airboat trails

Miles of airboat trail on the Kissimmee chain of lakes
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 50 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Gardners marsh is a trail system almost exclusively used by airboats on the Kissimmee chain of lakes. Access to the marsh trail system... more »

Tips:  The trails do not always have water as it is marsh land that floods and drys up with the rains. Almost any airboat can gain access... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The Milk Bus

Common gathering point for airboats with a pavilion and lots of large live oaks for shade. There is an old shot up milk bus under the oaks which lends this places its name.

2. Trail head into Gardners Marsh

Main trail into the Gardners Marsh

3. Sqare pond

Common gathering point in the marsh, there is a small hill that provides parking out of the water when water levels are high. It is also a major intersection or fork in the trail. The trail to the west leads to lake Hatchineha and the east trail to Lake Cypress.

Side note, Some may refer to the spot as "billygoat ridge"

4. Trail to lake Hatchineha

5. Trail to lake Cypress

6. Airboat ramp road crossing

7. Airboat ramp road crossing

8. Bullshit Hill

Main gathering point on lake Hatchineha.

9. Dead River

10. Short cut trail to Dead river

11. Osceola pavilion

Gathering point with pavilion, grill and 12 volt light system to hook up to airboat at night

12. Dead River

Winding river that leads to lake Hatchineha.

13. Hole in the wall

From a distance there is a large gap in the cypress growth around the lake, hence the name "hole in the wall".

14. The ridge

Common gather point at the mouth of the river heading into lake Kissimmee

15. Camp Mack/Boat ramp/Lodging

16. Brahma Island

Island where native and exotic wildlife such as buffalo can be commonly seen around it's shores.

17. Overstreet Landing/Boat ramp