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Snowbasin - Needles Trail

Needles trail, 18 mile round trip, 7,000 feet climb, thru aspen trees, to needles lodge. Epic downhill ride.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 18 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  Snowbasin - Needles trail is the main artery which divides into many smaller trails - Needles trail #1 (Each trail has a designated... more »

Tips:  Bring plenty of water. Respect others on the trail.

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Points of Interest

1. Grizzly Center

Bike Rentals, Repairs, lift tickets.

Snowbain Moose Statue

Snowbasin Parking Lot. Bikeshop, bathrooms, food.

4. BikeWash

Bikewash, Rack, clean off your bike after a ride.

5. Needles Maples Intersection

Go left. Needles Maples Intersection. Needles to the left. Maples trail begins to the right.

6. Second Needles Maples

Go Left. Second Needles Maples Intersection.

7. Needles - Greenpond intersection

Turn Right. Needles Greenpond intersection. Greenpond trail loop to the left.

8. Needles Cross Road

Go straight across fire road.

9. Go Straight.

Go straight.

10. Go Straight.

Go Straight.

11. Go Straight.

Get onto the trail to the right of the dirt road. This is one of the few intersections were it is easy to lose the trail. Pay attention to the next POI.

12. Pay Attention.

Get onto trail stright, it follows right of dirt road. Not well marked. This is one of the few intersections were it is easy to loose the trail.

13. Needles - Porcupine intersection

Stay Left. Needles - Porcupine Intersection.

14. Needles - Sunshine intersection

Follow Trail right. posted. Note Sunshine trail to left. The trail is a dirt road at this point and will turn into a single track later.

15. Needles - Last Chance intersection

Go Right. Last Chance trail is to the left. Follow Needles to the right.

16. View from Trail

17. Needles - Elk Ridge Intersection

Stay Left. Needles - Elk Ridge Intersection.

18. Needles - Becker Intersection.

Go Left. Needles - Becker Intersection.

19. Trail View

Trail View

20. Needles - Moonshine Intersection

Go Straight. Moonshine loop to right, eventually meets up with needles again.

21. 2nd Needles - Moonshine Intersection.

Take a sharp uphill Right. The trail straight ahead is moonshine. This is second of the few intersections were it is easy to lose the trail. Pay attention to the next POI.

22. View of trail after turning right

This is the trail that you be on.

23. Trail View - Aspin trees

Trail view in the Aspen trees.

24. Trail View looking pineview

25. Needles - Philpot - Middle bowl Intersection

Go Left. Trail to right is - Philpot - Middle bowl trail access.

26. Overlook

Wooden Platform. 360 view.

27. Needles - Philpot intersection

Stay Straight. Next POI is for . Philpot to right.

28. Needles trail left

Stay left on Needles trail. See trail marker.

29. Trail View

Trail View

30. Needles - Porcupine Intersection

Stay on Needles trail

31. Needles Trail Marker

Needles Trail Marker

32. Needles crosses dirt road

Stay straight, Needles crosses dirt road

33. Needles Picknic Table

Picknic Table

34. Trail View

Trail View

35. Needles - Cirque Practice Intersection

Needles - Cirque Practice Loop #14 Intersection

36. 2nd Needles -Cirque Practice Loop

2nd Needles -Cirque Practice Loop

37. Needles Lodge