Ever interested in how people survive and live their life in slums? Delhi has quite a few tours offering slum walk, though in different forms. The duration of these tours vary from 45 minutes to three hours and each one of them shows you Delhi's underbelly. The slum walk could be an eye opener for a western tourist.

 Some of the popular walks are given below:

1. Slum Walk by Pete

This walk is organised by Pete, an NGO, in which english speaking guide  will accompany you as a guide.

This is a guided tour through the slum for 2-3 hours. You get to see thousands on familites living there. While in the slum, you can interact and have traditional tea(OPTIONAL) with a family during which they can share their personal story of survival and life in the slums and chance to see and watch 300 year traditional old art showing puppet ,dance and singing . You will be able to notice the children scurrying through the maze of alleys, where everyone is known to each other.Guides are young and enthusatic coming from working class families however in private walks guides are acommpanied by one of the management of PETE. 

This tour costs 650 rupees and  the funds collected for walk goes towards running 3 schools named nirvan  school in Kathputli  colony One vocational school for womens living in slums (women empowerment),Kindergarden (For street kids) and primary (non formal education) Plus with community kitchen to provide kids midday meals everyday and supporting their other ongoing and future projects , a  artists slum  in West Delhi.

For more information, you can visit website PETE India .

2. Saalaam Baalak Trust City  Walk

This City Walk is a guided tour through the narrow alleys of Pahar Ganj, which lasts for around an hour. The guides are former street children who live or lived in the trust after living on the streets of Delhi. During the Walk, they participants get to see 'another side of Delhi', far off the beaten path, while the guides share their personal story of survival. Additionally, the participants get an insight into the organization's work by visiting a contact point and a shelter home provided by Salaam Baalak Trust. The aim is to sensitize the participants to the lives and struggles of street children in India.

For the guides themselves, the tour provides an opportunity to improve their communication, presentation and marketing skills. The Walk is 100% non-profit making. 

3. Art of Hope Tour

This tour is a fusion of slum walk and folk art performances. After a 45 minute slum walk and numerous stories of passion, struggle and survival, you are welcomed by a dozen of street performers,  dressed in colorful clothes. The three hour program overwhelms you with foot tapping drumbeats and awe-inspiring folk dances, followed by a puppet show. You get an opportunity to experience the folk arts of India first hand in unadulterated environment. The guides are well-informed and sesitive to the local culture. The interested visitors can also learn a few dance steps after the show.

The tour is conducted daily and prior reservation is recommended. For more information, you can visit Art of Hope web site.

4.Wahoe commune-day tour

This is 2-3 hours visit to one of the friendliest and largest slum of Delhi,Baljeet Nagar.Wahoe commune is non profit  organisation which organise this slum walk in Baljeet Nagar and all proceeds go to empower the lives of local community  in the slums.During this tour you  can visit the slum children school which is run by Wahoe commune organisation.Children are very enthusiastic to meet travellers during their visit in baljeet nagar slum.Even you can visit yoga meditation training centre and women empowerment program where they teach yoga to slum kids and teach handmade bags to local women.it is worth to visit this walk where you will find different experienc and interact with local community and can have a cup of tea in wahoe commune centre.

you can make a difference joining this non profit initiative by local people.For more information you can visit Wahoe commune org website.


5. Sanjay Colony Slum Tour with Reality Tours & Travel

Reality Tours & Travel is a leader in responsible slum tourism and is consistently held up as the example of how slum tourism can be done responsibly (Examples: here, here, here). Reality Tours brought educational slum tours to India in 2005 with their award-winning and world renown tour of Dharavi, one of Asia's largest slums.

According to their website, after they won the overall 2012 Responsible Tourism award, the judges encouraged them to expand their model. In 2014, Reality Tours began working in New Delhi with the Sanjay Colony Slum. Sanjay Colony is located in South Delhi in the Okhla Industrial Area, the largest Industrial area in the world. Reality's 1.5 hour walking tour will help you understand the industrial and residential areas of the slum and show you the local NGO where profits from the tours go.

Like their tours in Mumbai, 80% of the profits are used to fund their sister NGO Reality Gives which runs and supports programs in Dharavi and Sanjay Colony in the fields of education, health and livelihood.

The tour is conducted two times daily and costs Rs 550 or 600 (depending on the starting point). For more information, visit the Reality Tours & Travel – New Delhi website