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  • Probably one of the most soulful hotels I ever visited.
The attention to details in everything from room design and amenities to food and service is exceptional.
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  • Great Atmosphere, Rooms, Hopitality and Breakfest
  • A hostess that care about her guests
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  • A gorgeous stay on a stunning winery
  • A wonderful Galilean experience
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  • Beautiful inn that makes you feel totally at home
  • Wished we could have stayed longer
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  • WOW!!!
  • Recommendation
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  • Great place. Fantastic people
  • Cozzy and Homie
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  • Better than ever
  • A real Pearl in Caesarea
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  • Wonderful place in old Rose-Pina!
  • Wonderful weekend
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  • Absolutely lovely place and people!
  • Wow a "pearl" in the middle of the desert.....
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  • Great Shabat in Tzefat
  • I'd go back!
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