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  • The "devil is in the details." Jason, Susan and staff have put a thousand details together to create this delightful, intimate experience. The rooms are spotless, with wonderful regional decorations.
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  • Tranquility in the Boquete Highlands
  • Wonderful Garden of Eden experience
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  • wonderful time in Panama City with Coconut Lodge
  • Lovely, Charming, and Welcoming
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  • The perfect place to stay in Panama with a baby
  • Perfect place in Panama City
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  • great service, excellent location
  • Great place to stay in Casco Viejo
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  • Fantastic and never reached place in Panama
  • Less is More
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  • Charming tropical beachside retreat
  • Just perfect
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  • Beautiful beach, excellent food would definitely come back
  • Vacation of a Lifetime
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  • Lovely hostal. Great place to relax after a day of kitesurfing
  • A friendly place we keep coming back to
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