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  • This is a beautiful spot with modern and crisp architecture. Personnel, especially at reception, are friendly and ready to help. All rooms share an exceptional sea view.
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  • Best experience and bests resort
  • Outstanding Hotel and View of the Red Sea
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  • You wouldn't be sorry ..... Good stay ..
  • A wonderful hotel
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  • Wonderful Hotel on Wonderful Land
  • The best resort hotel in Aqaba
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  • Unexpected Delight in the Desert on the Dead Sea
  • Lovely Hotel
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  • Ultimate property in Amman
  • A Perfect Hotel Experience
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  • Exceptional customer service
  • Beautiful hotel
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  • شكر خاص لموظفي الإستقبال بالراديسون بلو
  • Perfect vacation in Jordan
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  • Beautiful Property!
  • Superb option
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