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  • Excellent place to stay in Penang
  • Old fashion, friendly service
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  • An amazingly beautiful and romantic hotel. The service was first-rate. Five-star quality. The restaurant had an amazing dinner service. One of the best hotels, anywhere.
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  • Beautiful hotel and incredible service
  • Villa Samadhi is just perfect!!!
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  • Loved every minute!
  • Peace perfect peace.
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  • Revisit the place after a year
  • We'll Be Back!!!
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  • Going to Georgetown? Stay here
  • Great personal touch
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  • An exceptional little gem, with great staff and breathtaking views. Must go!
  • Beautiful Jungle Retreat on the top of the world!
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  • Great base for exploring Penang...
  • Perfection
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  • Little piece of heaven
  • amazing place to stay
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