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11 Instagrammable spots in London

A pair of travelers taking photos on the Millennium Bridge
Image: Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash
Amelia Ang
By Amelia Ang5 May 2022 5 minutes read

As you enjoy your holiday in London, don’t forget to capture those moments for you to look back on. But you don’t have to peer down every street to hunt for the most Instagrammable places in London. Whether you’re looking for a nice spot to take a family photo, the best locations to capture iconic landmarks, or a professional photography tour to take you around London, we’ve got you covered.

1. Notting Hill

Row of colorful houses on Notting Hill
A woman posing in front of a pink house along Notting Hill
Image: Anthony Bressy / Unsplash (left), Management / Tripadvisor (right)

The romantic comedy Notting Hill catapulted the neighborhood of Notting Hill into worldwide fame. But long before the film even hit production, Notting Hill had already been a popular spot for photographers.

Brighten your day by admiring the houses stretching from Lancaster Road to Portobello Road, painted in all the shades of the rainbow. St. Luke’s Mews, featured in the movie Love, Actually, is also dotted with charming, pastel-colored houses. Join this photography tour to snap some Instagram-worthy shots—apart from showing you around hidden gems, your friendly guide will even teach you how to strike a pose.

Tip: Avoid this spot on Saturdays, when crowds flock to Portobello Road Market during main market day. It’s best to go on Sundays when the market is closed.

2. London Eye

A woman with a champagne glass in the London Eye at sunset
View of the London Eye
Image: Willabelle Ong / Tripadvisor (left), Xavier Coiffic / Unsplash (right)

Hop on the London Eye’s rotating capsules to capture some stunning shots of the cityscape. While soaring 500 feet above ground is certainly worth the wait, we recommend getting a fast-track ticket, especially if you’re there during peak seasons.

For a picture of the Eye itself, your best bet is crossing the Thames River. Head towards Victoria Embankment to avoid the crowds on Westminster Bridge plus get a straight-on view of the observation wheel.

3. St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Top view of the grand staircase in St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Interiors of Booking Office 1869 in St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London
Image: P&E (left), Management (right) / Tripadvisor

First built in 1873, the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel has been painstakingly restored to its former glory. The hotel’s exterior is undeniably palatial; in fact, it appeared as King Edward’s Palace in the 1995 film Richard III.

Step inside and you’ll be blown away by the intricate Gothic Revival metalwork, glistening gold leaf ceilings, and delicate hand-stenciled wall designs. Don’t forget the jaw-dropping grand staircase, a popular spot for wedding photos. This is also where you and your girlfriends can reenact the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” music video. And while you’re there, why not try some Victorian-inspired cocktails at Booking Office 1869?

4. Kew Gardens

View of the Great Pagoda in Kew Garden
Christmas at Kew Garden light trail
Image: Nicolas Lysandrou (left), Ray W (right) / Unsplash

If you’re looking to add to your collection of flora and fauna photographs, you’ll love the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, which has the world’s largest and most diverse collection of plants.

Apart from the exhibitions within Kew Gardens’ glasshouses and nurseries, you’re also free to wander around the expansive outdoor landscapes. Opt for a pre-purchased ticket to get a free guided walking tour.

No matter the season, Kew Gardens remains one of the most picturesque parks in London. In spring, stroll along Cherry Walk to take pictures with a rainfall of pink blossoms, or frolic amid the snowdrops and daffodils at the Woodland Garden. Pretend you’re on a tropical vacation at The Palm House, and celebrate Christmas at Kew by visiting the light trail, where you can snap some shots under the “stars.”

Tip: For sweeping panoramic shots of the landscape, head to one of the three vistas, carefully designed to frame iconic buildings like the Temperate House and the Great Pagoda.

5. Neal’s Yard

Colorful shopfronts of Neal's Yard
Image: Morgan O / Tripadvisor

Embark on a photography walking tour from Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden; along the way, you’ll discover this secret alleyway that opens into a small but picturesque courtyard. Tucked away from Covent Garden’s main tourist spots, Neal’s Yard is located closer to the Seven Dials district. With colorful shop fronts, twisting ivy, and strings of fairy lights, this intimate courtyard is a dream come true for any Instagrammer.

6. Churchill Arms

The facade of The Churchill Arms, covered in florals
Image: Nicholas Doherty / Unsplash

The Churchill Arms was frequented by Winston Churchill’s grandparents in the 1800s, which explains the name. This isn’t your everyday English pub; built in 1750, not only is The Churchill Arms one of London’s most historic pubs, it’s also one of the most eclectic. Instead of traditional pub fare, The Churchill Arms actually serves authentic Thai food. Another special feature of this pub is its exterior—you’ll be able to see the award-winning flower display from miles away.

7. Platform 9¾

A couple posing at Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station
Image: Mike M / Tripadvisor

Attention, Harry Potter fans: Platform 9¾ is real. You don’t have to wait for your acceptance letter by owl post; just head straight down to King’s Cross Station, where you’ll find a luggage trolley embedded into the wall of the station concourse.

It’s best to go at odd timings to beat the crowds. Otherwise, you can purchase a VIP Photo Pass Lanyard from The Harry Potter Shop next door, which lets you skip the line and have a professional photograph taken. This is also worth a visit for those traveling with kids. Even if they’re too young to know about Harry Potter, they’ll have a blast pretending to run headfirst into the wall.

P.S. Our handy guide to Harry Potter filming locations and attractions is filled with more photo-worthy spots for Potterheads.

8. Saint Aymes

Storefront of Saint Aymes cafe in London, with pink florals
Image: SteBa2018 / Tripadvisor

Saint Aymes’ shop front, terrace, and interior are decked out in pink and white flowers, transporting you into a lush garden. With close to 20,000 Instagram photo tags, this cafe is indisputably one of the most Instagrammable places in London. Its pastries and cakes are pure edible art, with sweet treats like 24-carat gold unicorn waffles, cupcakes iced with floral swirls, and milkshakes and lattes adorned with cotton candy.

9. Tower Bridge

View of the Tower Bridge
Light trails of the Tower Bridge at night
Image: VareseNews (left), KHJ (right) / Tripadvisor

Not to be confused with its less attractive cousin London Bridge, Tower Bridge is one of London’s most recognizable landmarks. You can photograph this iconic bridge from various spots around London.

From Butler’s Wharf, you’ll see modern skyscrapers like The Shard framed within the towers. If you head to St. Katharine Docks, you’ll be able to feature elements like the Girl with a Dolphin Fountain and the Timepiece Sundial in your shot. Not a camera whiz? This photoshoot session will handle it all for you.

When night falls, it’s time to climb up Tower Bridge. Learn the best ways to capture the double-decker buses whizzing by on this night photography tour.

10. Shoreditch

Street art of two hands in Shoreditch
An artist spray painting on a wall in Shoreditch
Image: Ian R (left), Management (right) / Tripadvisor

Edgy Shoreditch is an urban museum of graffiti. Famous street artists like Banksy, Zabou, Stik, Fanakapan, and more have left their mark in this neighborhood. From the famous Brick Lane to the more unassuming Toynbee Street, there’s no shortage of great art to admire in Shoreditch.

Some murals might be in hidden corners, so it’s best to join a Shoreditch Street Art Tour if you want to enjoy the full experience. You’ll also get to hear stories about local artists and learn how to interpret different pieces. Take the first step towards becoming the next Banksy on this walking tour and spray painting workshop that will teach you basic graffiti techniques.

11. Little Venice

A canal in Little Venice, London
A canal in Little Venice, London
Image: 200LAURA (left), Jennifer Tan (right) / Tripadvisor

The quiet neighborhood of Little Venice is the best place to take pictures of tranquil canals and tree-lined streets. Opt for a private walking tour to get a diverse range of scenic backgrounds, such as the nearby London Zoo and Granary Square. Your little ones will probably prefer this Paddington Bear Walking Tour—as a bonus, children under three can join for free.

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