Les Gorges de la Falaise

Les Gorges de la Falaise, Martinique: Address, Phone Number, Les Gorges de la Falaise Reviews: 4.5/5

Les Gorges de la Falaise
Gorges of the River Falaise.
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don't trust Iphone Maps
Feb 2020
We decided to spend the day doing the north half of the island and Gorges de la Falaise was our 2nd stop after the Jardin de Balata. A couple of things, we had a 4cyl rental car, and most roads in Martinique are very up/down and curvy. An HOUR of driving narrow twisty turn-y roads to where my phone said it was, was not worth the fact that we didn't find the place that seems to have employees. Short story long, we ended up on a one lane road in the middle of a field where a few cows stared at us with the expression "What are you doing here?" We did see the interior north half of the island (well my wife did from the passenger seat as I was too busy shifting at every turn and driving). We decided not to try again another day and instead went to a few beaches and enjoyed them. Based on other reviews, I'm sure its there, but DON'T TRUST YOUR PHONE MAP--get good directions and specifics from a local who has been. Where we ended up was 1 hour from the Jardin, and it took an ~90 min to get back to the West side of Fort de France.
Written 29 February 2020
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Lisa P
Cumberland, RI36 contributions
You Can Do This On A Cruise Stop With Careful Planning
Jan 2020 • Couples
We loved doing the gorge! Totally worth the effort! If you are on a cruise, it is doable. Prior to the trip, rent a car with Europcar in Pointe du Bout. It’s the only car company we found that will let you return the car the same day. We paid about 55 euros which included full insurance. Also purchase good road map of Martinique or get a gps from Europcar, if they offer it. We used a Michelin map we got from Amazon.
Once in Martinique, get off the ship ASAP and over to the Vedette Tropicales ferry. It’s on the middle angled pier just east of the Pointe Simon Cruise terminal. If you are on Celebrity, that cruise pier is a 15-20 walk west to the ferry pier - just on the other side of the fort. There is very good signage that says, “Ferry to Beaches”. Once there, get roundtrip tickets to Pointe du Bout. There is a ferry schedule online at Vedettestropicales.com Make sure you get the ferry to Pointe du Bout. The ferries have more than one destination.
Once at Pointe du Bout, it’s like a 2-3 minute walk to Europcar. I want to say it’s on Rue du Chacha. Streets aren’t obvious. It’s not a freestanding building on its own. Just look to the left as you walk out of the ferry area onto the town street. Or ask.
I’ve attached a map where Pointe du Bout and Gorges de la Falaise is marked. It takes about an hour and a half to go from Pointe du Bout to the Gorges de la Falaise. Directions are towards places rather than East, West etc. We took D38 to D7 towards Rivière Salée, then the N5 towards the Aeropuerto or Le Lamentin, then the A1 towards Fort-de-France and then the D41. We then took the N3. There was a place on the N3, near the beginning where we weren’t surely we were still on the N3 (we had taken the road going toward the right at sort of a T place,) but there was a sign within a mile or two for N3, so we knew we had taken the right road. After that we just followed the N3 also called the Route de la Trace. (Look it up.) Very windy, but scenic. Gorges de la Falaise is a few kilometers beyond Le Morne -Rouge. There is a sign and it’s on the left down a non-descript road. Cost is 10 euros each cash. Be in a bathing suit, have a waterproof camera and good soled water shoes or sneakers you don’t mind being under water. Stairs are down are steep, but I did it and I’m almost 60. Read other reviews for more info on the gorge. Phone numbers for the gorge and the restaurant next door are 0596533653 and 0596533561. They will close if it rains.
Going back, be aware that traffic in Fort-de-France can be bad. Leave plenty of time. We had no problem. We took the 8:45am ferry and were able to catch the 3:15pm ferry back. Plenty of time to walk the 15-20 minutes to get back for the all aboard at 4:30 pm on Celebrity pier. Note that after the 3:15om ferry, there is not another back to Fort-de-France til 4:15pm.
Written 23 January 2020
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Kew, UK98 contributions
One of the highlights of the trip
Jan 2020 • Family
Wow. This was really something but not for the uninitiated! Probably one of the most beautiful things we saw and the kids loved the adventure but some important tips:

- water shoes imperative- not flip flops! You walk up a river climbing on rocks and swimming through water that has some depth. Old trainers would work.

- be ready to go down and up many, many very uneven, muddy and slippery stairs. Once you start no turning back so not great for those with vertigo.

Luckily many of us had done some canyoning in the past so we could focus on the less experienced group members... I wouldn’t go with several small children..

Other than that, some fabulous memories and teenagers desperate to do this again!
Written 9 January 2020
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Aylesbury38 contributions
There are better places in Martinique!
Dec 2019 • Family
We made two attempts to visit and each one was a waste of time. The employees are extremely unfriendly, borderline rude, and very unhelpful. And it's not even the question of language as I speak fluent French. We couldn't get any definitive answer as to when the place would reopen, although on the second attempt we were told there had been an accident in the water. When asked for a contact telephone number so that we could check before another attempt we were shown a sign with emergency services contact numbers!

In the end we went to the waterfall near Anse de Couleuvre - and can definitely recommend that place (it's free of charge too)!
Written 2 January 2020
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10 contributions
Jul 2019 • Friends
Such a beautiful site. The visit is guided, affordable and safe. Just go see for yourself. It's definitely worth it!
Written 18 August 2019
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Brussels, Belgium152 contributions
Go in the early morning
Jun 2019 • Solo
The entrance looks a bit weird and abandoned. The staff is not speaking good English, but there is a welcome letter in English, French and Spanish to explain you what you can expect.

Be prepared before you arrive (swimming suit) because there are no showers or changing rooms. So you can end up changing clothes in the car.

You are obligated to have water shoes. But easily you can rent them at the place. It is only 2 euro.

The entrance is 10 euro what is fair price for the one hour experience you get.

The walk towards the river is already really spectacular through the jungle. Once you arrive a guide will wait for you to go in groups of 3-5 people to the waterfall.

No problem if you are travelling alone as me. You pay the same price and can just join any other group.

Best time to do the experience is early in the morning. The site is open from 8:00 in the morning. If you go early you will have the whole river and waterfall for your own.

Even if you are adventurous, its is obligated to get a ticket and go with a guide. This guide is really quiet and professional. So don’t be afraid. He knows exactly where you can jump and where you have to hold the rope.

In the way back they let you jump from different rocks, what makes the experience one of the best I had in Martinique.
Written 11 June 2019
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Bloomingdale, NJ204 contributions
Best $10 euro I ever spent
Feb 2019 • Family
You need water shoes a bathing suit of quick dry clothes and a change of clothes. Also need to be ok with a lot of steps. But it’s so worth it! Restaurant de la cascade next door was great too
Written 4 March 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

8 contributions
Great activity if you're in northern Martinique!
Jan 2019 • Friends
We had a great time visiting Les Gorges de la Falaise! It was close to our accommodation in Morne Rouge (<15 minutes drive), and easy to find on our offline maps.
We had read previous reviews that said to bring a bathing suit, but we didn't realize that we would ONLY be allowed to wearing bathing suits. And for good reason - we were completely submerged in water at some parts!
As others have explained, you are required to pay 10 euro cash to the attendant at the top of the gorges/beside the parking lot. He verifies that you are wearing waterproof clothes, only have waterproof cameras, and have water shoes (I recommend closed toes, otherwise, you can rent the waterproof sandals for 2 euros). He also holds on to your car keys and supervises the parking lot. He spoke English.
You hike down into the gorge - about 10-15 minutes. The steps were big, and there were handrails (occasionally rusty, but otherwise sturdy). It's not an easy walk down, but not challenging either. At the bottom, we gave our ticket to the attendant to show that we paid. He told us to wait for a guide across the river. Unfortunately, we had to wait for 30+ minutes for a guide, which would have been nice to know. Oh well.
Once the guide arrived, he took us into the actual gorge/river along with a couple other tourists. Do not expect a lot (any) information from your guide - he is there strictly to guide you safely to the waterfall! When the water was deep,there were secure ropes to help you move yourself further along. You are in water, ranging from ankle deep to submerged, the entire time. There are a couple of metal ladders to climb, but they were very secure. It was really gorgeous, and the waterfall at the end was a nice pay-off!
If you're in Martinique's north end and have a spare couple of hours, I would recommend the trip! As others have mentioned, call ahead or ask someone in the know (we asked our hotel manager) if it's open.
Written 8 February 2019
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Sisa S
Bratislava, Slovakia45 contributions
Must do while at Martinique
Dec 2018 • Family
I do highly recommend to paln this activity while you are at the Martinique. It was great experience a little bit adrenaline, but dfinately worth driving and hiking. It is not far from Mount Pele aprox 10km, good signs along the road so you can not miss it. Entrance is 10€ per person (only cash). Take swimm shirt or wet suit (watterr is quite refreshing) and wear shoes which can go to watter. There was a short maybe 15 minutes hike down, there you will meet qorges guide, he will take you to that beautifull gorge. Do no take anything with you just watter proof camera. Partially watter was above our heads but overall the hike is not thet difficult. At the end you will reach watterfal. On the way back we could jump in few spots, which was a real fun.
So if you are advanturous go to the gorges de la Falais.
Written 26 December 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

6 contributions
Best experience in Martinque
Dec 2017 • Couples
Drove to the gorge with my boyfriend and we had no issues finding the place. Thanks to previous reviews we cam ready to pay in cash. The guide took us down to the gorge for an incredible experience which included standing underneath a mini waterfall and jumping from it. Your shoes will get completely soaked so wear proper footwear unlike me. (Wore brand new sneakers)
Written 10 October 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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