Cameron Highlands Trail No. 5 and 7

Cameron Highlands Trail No. 5 and 7, Tanah Rata: Address, Cameron Highlands Trail No. 5 and 7 Reviews: 4/5

Cameron Highlands Trail No. 5 and 7

Cameron Highlands Trail No. 5 and 7

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Turkey183 contributions
Jan 2020 • Couples
Both of us having bad knees, after trail 10 and 6, we decided to go for an easy trek the second day. We did a combination of trail n 5, 3 and 4.
Our favorite was n 5 which was very easy but it was a real rain forest experience. No one was there except us and the only sounds that we could hear were the sounds of the forest : different birds tweets, trees squeeking, the sound of falling leaves and monkeys.
We recommend this trail to all nature and animal lovers.
Written 17 January 2020
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Lucas V
Temse, Belgium36 contributions
Dec 2019 • Couples
Starting at the Smokhouse Hotel alongside the golfcourse. Follow trail 3. shows the route very well indeed. We heard trail 7 would be quite hard to go down with a lot of plants hiding the path. So we took trail 8 all the way down. Without any problem. But I guess in rainy weather conditions may be more difficult!!!
Written 11 December 2019
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Full-time Traveler
Yerevan, Armenia231 contributions
Sep 2019
Hi there, I’m a full-time traveller that stayed twice in Cameron Highlands for several weeks. I walked every single trail here, and realized there’s an incredible amount of incorrect information and confusion out there. Times are incorrect, trail info incorrect (even on the signs), and people (incl. the local tourism office) seems to be unclear of trail names and which exist and which ones don’t.

So, I made it my goal to walk each and every one of them and made many notes. A full hiking guide including an entirely updated map (+ other info on transportation / accommodation / food / other activities / traveling the Cameron Highlands for FREE) can be found on the site that is my username + /cameron-highlands (links will get blocked here).

Here goes, TRAIL 5:

Trail info: An easy starting trail that is usually combined with Trail 3, 8 or 7 in order to climb Gunung Berembun. It’s well-marked and available on Suggested routes: 7-5, 9-8-5, 5-3 or 5-3-2, from any direction.

Beginning & end: It starts in Tanah Rata, about 2 km out of town past the bus terminal. Head left when you see a park with fountains (with a ticket booth - but you can walk around it; see left photo below). It’s behind that park, after you climbed a very steep road on the left towards a parking lot. helps with finding the trail. It continues to a shelter, where it connects with Trail 3 and Gunung-Berembun-trail-6 (as there are two trails 6 at different locations).

Experience / Level of difficulty: It’s more of a connection-trail, it doesn’t lead to something specific except of a shelter where you can relax a little or eat lunch. You won’t do just Trail 5, but rather combine it to go to the peak of Gunung Berembun or loop back to Trail 4 via Trail 6. It’s a forest trail, quite clean and pleasant.

Time: 25 minutes to shelter – going up / from shelter to Gunung Berembun peak: 34 minutes – going up.

aaaaand TRAIL 7:

Trail info: One of the routes to the peak of Gunung Berembun. To not walk up and down the same track, you can combine it with Trail 8-9 or 5 back to Tanah Rata or Trail 3 towards Brinchang. Recommended routes: 7-8-9, 7-5, 7-3 or 7-3-2, either way. Find the trail on

Beginning & end: The trail starts 2km outside of Tanah Rata past the bus terminal, very close to where Trail 5 starts as well (just on the other side – see description/photo of Trail 5). Head left when you see a park with a fountain. It’s behind that park, next to the Camelia building.

Experience / Level of difficulty: 80% of this trail is pretty mellow, only containing slight inclines. However, the last stretch towards the Gunung Berembun peak is extremely steep. The lower part of the trail is very overgrown, so wear long hiking pants to prevent your legs from being scratched by the thorns and nettles. It’s a forest walk without any views, except on the top. I experienced this hike as very pleasant and rather easy.

Time: 52 minutes – going down.

Budget Bucket List -dot- Com -slash- Cameron-Highlands
Written 11 September 2019
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Peterborough, Canada49 contributions
Apr 2019 • Couples
We walked trail 5 from the start at the parking lot uphill from MARDI to the rain shelter, joined trail 6, and walked 6 to the link to 4 which we walked all the way to the Parita waterfall. It took about 3 hours in total.

We are 62 years old, and in above average but not super fitness.

In short, there is lots of greenery, but nothing else. You don’t get much opportunity to enjoy the surroundings because the footing is treacherous, a bit over the limit of the risk we’re willing to take. There are LOTS of tree roots, some fallen trees, and multiple gullies . It had rained the day before so was somewhat wet. It is not a matter of the trails requiring physical exertion, it is that there is a significant risk of falling.

It is all in trees so you don’t need sunglasses or a hat. But, you do need bug spray!
We highly recommend using the free Maps. Me app. However, anytime there could have been a wrong turn there was caution tape blocking it.

There were quite a lot of people on the trails the Saturday we walked them, including groups of schoolchildren.

On trail 5, when you reach the initial garden, bear to the right. There is quite a lot of uphill on this trail. It took us 45 minutes to reach the rain shelter.

Trail 6 had many gullies.

Trail 4 was the least difficult. However, there were pine needles that hid the tree roots. The paved steps almost made it more difficult because they were wet. From the waterfall, we walked back to the trail 4 start at the Century Pines Resort.

All in all, we would say that you have to really enjoy hiking trails, for this to be worthwhile. There is significant danger of falling, and because you are looking down most of the time, you don’t really get to enjoy the forest scenery.
Written 14 April 2019
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9 contributions
Jan 2019 • Friends
We were supposed to start at trail no. 5 then continue to trail no. 3 up to the Gunung Berembun and come down following trail no. 7.

Trail 5 started out nicely, it was not too steep and the trail is easy to follow so we had a nice hike until we came across a straydog on the trail. The dog growled at us and seemed unpredictable so at first we started backing up, thinking we would just go back to the start but the dog started following us at some 15-20 meter distance. We had to climb to a tree to let the dog pass us. It ran past us and disappeared to the trail.

However we were quite startled (we had read some reviews about dogs biting people in trail 9 and stray dogs in general might be aggressive, have rabies etc.) and decided to take trail 6 back to Parit Falls and Tanah Rata, in case there should be more stray dogs on the way.

Trail 6 doesn't show in all maps and there are few rewievs of it. It does show in some of the maps and seems like a short and straight hike back to Parit Falls and Trail no. 4.

Turned out that trail 6 is very, very steep in some places (had to go on all-fours) and quite serpentine so we were bit confused at times if we had lost the trail. Also it didn't help that we were spooked by the encounter with the dog and were watching our backs every other second. The trail is however marked quite well and would've been very lovely hike in some other circumstances.
Written 14 January 2019
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New York City, NY768 contributions
Aug 2018 • Solo
Not sure why trek 7 is grouped with 5, as they are all different. Loved the trek down - went up trail 3 and down trail 7 to end at MARDI (pass on that, can check my review out there under MARDI). Probably takes 3-4 hours for the entire trek, up and down.
Written 7 September 2018
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Benedikt T
12 contributions
Jun 2018 • Couples
Nice jungle walk with lots of nature! But do not go the Nr. 7 path uphill, downhill is much more quitable. Nr. 5 path uphill is exhausting enough :-)
Written 1 July 2018
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Singapore, Singapore40 contributions
Sep 2017 • Couples
The trailhead is located atop a small hill, continue walking up a small road and a left turn up another slope where you can see 2 apartments named Camellia and Fragaria on your right and a small carpark at the end. Using will greatly help you locate this starting point.
Found this starting trail to be quite good. It started off from the car park the top of Mardi, behind a short row of tin-roofed sheltered carpark on the left and walking past through vegetable fields, a tin shed on the left of the path, the actual entrance to jungle path is marked by a simple ‘5’ sign. Dense vegetation overhead provides good cover and we heard a lot of birds singing but only manage to spot a few and a woodpecker. The trail (no 5) itself is easy to follow despite lack of signage and is not so muddy. Some parts are overgrown but not too thick as to be impassable and there are some fallen trees across the path which you can either climb over or crawl under. You will find dense moss along on some parts of the trail. My wife and I took Trail 5 all the way to the rest station located at the junction of Trails 6 & 3. Trail 5 itself is moderately level and easy to hike but things get a bit tougher for Trail 3(Northwards). Here, the trail gets narrow at some parts and are not so easy to identify though you will see some tape markers on branches, so look out for them. It also got a lot steeper than we expected but still a good hike for anyone with a moderate level of fitness. We passed over two small streams which is the highlight of this trail. We exited this Trail 3 at the Arcadia Bungalow, walked down the road and entered Trail 4 and hiked back to Tanah Rata.
We met a fellow hiker along trail 3 who told us that Trail 7 is very steep and difficult because it rained the night before making it a very slippery climb so we passed this over. I would strongly recommend that you download in your handphone as it greatly helps whenever you think you have wondered off trail.
Written 7 October 2017
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Madhumitha R
Sheffield, UK435 contributions
Sep 2017 • Couples
We found this trail easily in MARDI, past a couple of steep roads. Trail no. 5 had 4 dogs at the beginning, which ran away after seeing us (we enquired and they said they would not bite). We went halfway up the trail no. 5, and found a long stretch which was totally slippery because of the overnight rain, and had to turn back. This was a moderately challenging hike, with the plants growing very close on both sides, which I found completely eerie. We used app to avoid getting lost on the trail. We wore long pants and sleeves, and found many mosquitoes. We also did not come across anyone on this route. It would be best to go in bigger groups, and also when there is no mist or rain.
Trail no. 7 is on the right, while trail no. 5 is on the left.
Trail no. 7 had a stretch of old tea plants, after which the jungle started with an immediate steep slope and a caution red tape, and we decided not to venture further. I found these two trails to be better suited to serious trekkers, unlike nos. 4, 9 and 10. Trail no. 5 did not have any steep incline, but the rain had made the trail slippery.
Written 6 September 2017
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Antwerp, Belgium8 contributions
Jul 2017 • Friends
We did trails 7 (up) and 3 + 5 (down). The path is quite overgrown in the beginning and very steep for several hundreds of meters, so be prepared for a challenge. At times it is more than a climb than a hike, but nonetheless we pulled it of in under four hours with two kids, the youngest being only 6. If we had known it was this heavy, though, we probably wouldn't have done it.

At the summit there is no sign telling you which way to go, so finding the correct path was a bit of trial and error, but we got there. Also, finding the starting point of the trail is tricky. Better ask the people from Mardi, you won't be the first that day.

Bring water (lots!) because even on a chilly day you will build up quite a sweat.

The view isn't very spectacular, since most of the time you walk through thick forest and panoramic views are few and far between. The local wildlife won't be presenting itself for petting either, obviously, so you won't really have a tropical hike-feeling, but the trail itself is a lot of fun.

I think it's a must-do, but don't have your expectations up too high. Enjoy!
Written 17 July 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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