Timed Trap

Timed Trap, Preston: Address, Phone Number, Timed Trap Reviews: 4.5/5

Timed Trap is a real life, breathtaking, race against the time to find your way to freedom. In this rush hour, you will be trapped in a room with 60 minutes on the clock in which you must solve puzzles and use your initiative to crack codes with your team players. We offer three unique themed rooms, designed for groups of 2-6 players. Have you got what it takes to escape the trap?!?
Suggested duration
1-2 hours
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165 reviews
Very good

Carole T
Blackpool, England, United Kingdom57 contributions
Booked for a Saturday afternoon but place closed when we arrived and didn’t let us know they weren’t opening
Feb 2019 • Family
Would have given this place zero but minimum is one star.

Booked through groupon for a Saturday at 1pm. Arrived but place closed up. Tried ringing about 30 times but no answer.

I had booked this for my sons birthday and was there with his school friends so quickly had to go to a trampoline park nearby.

I understand sometimes things go wrong and places have to close but to not let anyone know and just leave people with wasted journeys. I have still had no explanation why they didn’t open. Groupon are still selling vouchers here so I assume they haven’t closed down. I have received a refund from Groupon so I am not out of pocket but I’d be wary booking direct with Timed Trap as it may be hard to get a refund if they decide not to open when you’ve booked for.
Written 22 February 2019
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John Doe
Intercourse, PA1 contribution
you get what u pay for dont bother
Nov 2018 • Friends
We went to the cereal killer room a few months back, but we never got round to writing this review for we have been lazy. Our laziness is why we failed the escape room so badly. For starters, we had soup and crutons. haha just kidding, for starters the sign for the activity area was pointing in the complete opposite direction however we struggle to follow directions and ended up going to the correct place first. Sometimes your so stupid your clever. we had to walk through this intimidating place where this chappie had a mighty green bong. It was incredibly large and was the guy was sat on a couch. if you havent uderstood how large this bong was, it reached his face which is quite impressive. he must have good lung power. (the couch was actually quite nice though. not a slouchy couch. great interior design.) we then went up the wrong set of stairs because we didnt want to talk to anyone. this stairway led to this place with some pool tables and not an escape room. meaning we had to ask. Our plan of avoidence did not work and all it did was result in an even more awkward encounter. When we finally got to the place, we had to wait while they set up the rooms. Even though we booked in advance. I wont lie though, watching the people set up th room through the security camera was enjoyable. Overall the escape room was okay. We had to call for assistence multiple times and it turns out the props we were messing about with were actually part of the next clues. Also she says the end key is obvious. I repeat it is not. For the final time we calld for help, the nice lady said that we had gone over our time but she obviosuly felt sorry for us and locked us in agin. We thought we had the final code to get out however when we slid it under the door she opened it and said that we were wrong. again. Its not our fault were dumb. she then proceeded to give us the correct answer. (baring in mind we did not ask for it) The only time we get a helpful clue is when we dont ask for one.
The overall experience was fun i guess but i will not be returing as the guy with the bong scared me lots.
kind regards
some people who dont want to say who they are because you miight be sad by what we said.
Written 29 January 2019
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Manchester5 contributions
You get what you pay for but I recommend pay a bit more elsewhere
Dec 2018 • Family
As a group we've done several of the escape rooms around the country - some more elaborate than others. This is the worst I've seen. Aside from the place being completely shut when we arrived (at the stated 15 minutes prior to escape time) and us having to wait around for someone to arrive, open up and set up the place, the girl giving the introduction gave very little to start us off and didn't really seem engaged.

The place isn't the cleanest, which was the first thing to note. The toilet facilities could do with some attention. We perhaps caught them on a bad day and maybe usually these would be dealt with prior to opening but because they were running late this had been missed.

The TV only played the intro as a tiny video in the top right of the screen and it played the same 30 seconds on a loop, which was a bit tiresome. There was no countdown timer, which we didn't realise immediately so we had to make a rough estimation using our phones.

The puzzles themselves weren't too bad but it all just felt a little half-hearted. When we escaped we walked out to an almost-empty room, just one member of staff behind the desk. No greeting or anything. After we stood awkwardly at the desk for a bit we asked for any info about timings to be told we had about 11 mins left. After further questions on whether there was any memento "Well we can take a photo if you want". Clearly too much bother so we declined.

Contrast that to every other room I've been in where a full explanation is given before commencing, time is displayed onscreen throughout or at least at regular points during the experience, you are greeted at the exit and have a photo taken (sometimes with props).

I just feel that with just an ounce of enthusiasm and attention to the technical issues this would have been a much better experience. Perhaps we caught them at a bad time, but it's the only thing I can judge my experience on.
Written 12 January 2019
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Helen G
Preston, UK1 contribution
Not the best, don't bother
Jan 2019 • Friends
Firstly the booking- we couldn't book online via the Groupon site so i tried contacting Timed trap many times by ringing, emailing and even tried sending them a Facebook message (all this over 24hours). Then finally they contacted me back (an hour before we wanted to go) and the lady was able to book us in at very short notice (which was a positive from the booking side of things).

When we turned up and saw the arrow directing us to the entrance, there was a group of men sat around the door smoking which was closed so we tried another entrance (which I remember reading somewhere we had to walk through a snooker club) which wasn't the best.

Then when we walked up some stairs to get to the place, the two members of staff weren't very welcoming.. not great on the customer service front!

We then got taken to our room which we were doing the great escape room. The lady didn't give us a background story and when explaining what to do she didn't seem 100% sure what she was talking about. I saw a TV in the room and asked if our time will be in there she said no cos there's no signal.

We did the game which was fun but there wasn't much to do, hardly no things to unlock or solve. Very disappointing.

We've done many escape rooms from other companies but will definitely not be doing another at Timed trap.

The only positives were the deco in the waiting area/escape room was really good, tidy looking and looked great overall. We also made the leader board which was fab!

If you haven't done any other escape rooms then this would be a good starting point but if you've been to many others like me and my group then stay away don't waste your money!
Written 5 January 2019
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Lancashire, UK41 contributions
Treasure chest
Jan 2019 • Friends
I have been to the Escape room on Aqueduct St and the Escape room is FAR BETTER! This is a poor quality representation of the escape room. Cheap props and no atmosphere. We will not be returning.
Written 5 January 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Lancaster, UK38 contributions
Nov 2018 • Friends
I would avoid this place at all costs- words can not explain how poor it was.
It didn’t start off particularly well- you have to walk through a ‘working men’s club’ which had an old sofa outside the door before getting to the escape room venue.
We were offered the use of the bathroom before going into the escape room- BIG MISTAKE! It’s obviously used for smoking and therefore absolutely reeked, the toilet bowl itself can not be spoken about (!) and for some reason there was a jug of water next to the toilet too?!
When we entered the escape room, there was no preamble about the story of the room as the girl seemed very inexperienced. The room was unlike any other I’ve been in (my friends and I have been in +10). The carpet was worn, there was very little furniture and absolutely no attempt to create atmosphere.
Inside the room, none of the clues led on to one another (we were in Treasure Theft), we completed tasks without realising, others led to a dead end- unlike nothing we’ve seen before. At 45 mins, we asked for a clue as a door that should have opened, didn’t. The girl came in asked what we had done so far and then proceeded to kick the door open and gestured we should go through.
We were told we should have found 5 letters, however one of the letters hadn’t been put in the room but after asking what this would mean when we collect all of them, her reply ‘Oh nothing. Just come out when you’re done’.
We asked for a discount and had £5 knocked off. Would never even consider returning and would encourage others to not visit- it’s not worth the money at all.
Written 19 November 2018
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1 contribution
Nov 2018 • Family
We should have realised as soon as we arrived that this was a poorly made escape room, the entrance sign was facing the complete opposite direction...
We had to walk through a snooker hall which was filled with young men smoking and watching football, which was not only intimidating but confusing due to a lack of signage. Upon arrival in the escape room area, there was nobody there to greet us and we had to wait 10 mins until an incredibly unenthusiastic staff member finally arrived. She took us into our escape room with no briefing other than a hurried 'you need to find the antidote and break out'. We were then left with no introduction video so we're slightly confused as to where to begin, it then transpired that two clues were given in this intro video! The props were not only shoddy but did not work properly, with a torch barely working. The clues required no brain power or working out, it was simply a case of 'finding' things.
The final nail in the coffin was when we the code to escape wouldn't work, after pressing the clue button the member of staff told us 'oh the lock doesn't work'...

Overall utterly shambolic and poorly thought out. Would not recommend. 0 out of 10.
Written 3 November 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Manchester, UK12 contributions
Serial Killer - Excellent evening
Oct 2018 • Friends
Had an amazing time at Timed Trap on Friday 5th Oct. We were meant to go last week but an error on the booking system where it was letting people book for 20:30 but apparently the staff finish before then! Nevertheless the owner sorted us out and booked us in for week after so no problem there.

Room itself was brilliant, one of the best I’ve done. The theme, puzzles and being taken ‘hostage’ were great. Well worth the money. The host (don’t remember her name sorry) was friendly, professional and all round nice person. Will definitely come again. Only minor feedback is to amend the booking system so people don’t book for 20:30 and get let down. Otherwise 10/10
Written 6 October 2018
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Lesley M
Chorley, UK7 contributions
Good fun
Sep 2018 • Business
I went with colleagues and once we decided teams, we split into two rooms. Our team did the Prison themed room, and although I spent most of the time locked in a cell, I really enjoyed it. The puzzles didn't all make sense, and some of the stuff to find was not based on the clues at all, but that was part of the fun. I don't have a great deal of experience of escape rooms, so maybe my expectations were not high, but I had a really enjoyable time.
Written 15 September 2018
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Karen B
5 contributions
Bored Trap
Aug 2018 • Family
Awful just doesn't cover it. Sorry guys, but you really need to work on these rooms. A lot of the puzzles made no sense. There was no flow to the games at all. Too any red herrings, means you waste too much time on irrelevant items.

The clue system is appalling. Either limit the number of clues or give a time penalty, but certainly not both. I hated the game organiser entering the room to give the clue then standing and watching us, it felt intimidating, condescending and ruined the whole experience.

We did multiple rooms, and with 20 minutes to go in the last room, we sat on the floor letting the clock tick down, as we were so bored and just wanted to leave.

If you want to experience an escape room for the first time avoid these, there are so many more out there.
Written 22 August 2018
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