Rainbow Waterfall

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Rainbow Waterfall
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Ipoh, Malaysia51 contributions
A MUST VISIT in Sg Lembing
Aug 2020
The highlight of my visit to Sg Lembing!
We had a hiccup with our hotel (OYO Jasa Resort) as they were supposed to book the tour and pick us up at the hotel at 5.30am.

We drove to town around 5.50am, and stopped at the food court/market in town and there were loads of 4x4 trucks and people having breakfast. We just approached a random driver and joined the tour with another group for RM60 per person.

We left at 6.45am from Sg Lembing town. Such an exciting off road bumpy ride with the 4x4. It is a safe ride so don't worry about that.

Around 20 mins into the forest, we reached the sunrise point, and 45 mins later we reached the start of the trek.

DO rent the rubber shoes from the Orang Asli (RM3) for 2 reasons
1. Amazing grip on the wet rocks
2. Keeps your running shoes clean and dry(slightly muddy and wet trek)

After a somewhat easy hike(1 hour) we reached the waterfall. (You wont get wet during the trek, so dont need to bring a change of clothes unless you want to swim in the waterfall. We even managed to keep our socks dry) There was no rainbow on the day we visited as it wasnt sunny but the waterfall was majestic indeed. Our guide was kind enough to bring hot maggi cup and also hot milo there and we had such an amazing time! (Do bring your own snacks to relax at the waterfall)

We reached Sg Lembing town at 12pm. Great tour for Rm60-70. Worth it!
Written 3 August 2020
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Poul C
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia17 contributions
Placed closed for access
Jul 2020 • Friends
Unfortunately the place is no longer accessible for people with their own vehicle like in the past so we had to give it a miss.
There are many other nice off road places in the area so that is not really a problem
Just scared for the people that takes the local HiLux rides coz that's an accident waiting to happen
Written 3 July 2020
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Shanghai, China15,019 contributions
A reminder of endurance & hope in life!
Mar 2020 • Couples
It is not an easy climb after rain. One must be careful of slippery rocks and trails. There is a bridge now to cross the river and start hiking. It is an enchanting moment if you get to see the rainbow. It was for me because it was a foggy morning and the sun only appear at 10.15AM!
Written 9 March 2020
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Singapore, Singapore9 contributions
Beautiful Sight to Remember
Dec 2019 • Family
My family & I visited this place on 1st Dec. We are a family of 5. Eldest is 10 & youngest is 5. All of us had a great time!

The journey started in the morning at 6am when we got picked up from the resort. Brought us out for breakfast (own cost). After breakfast, we were brought to the top of a hill to view sunrise. But that day was cloudy, no sunrise but still an awesome sight to behold. After taking photographs there, the adventure ride begins!

After about 45 mins of a rumbling ride, we reached the stop. This is the first & last proper toilet you will find during your journey to the rainbow waterfall. So do what is necessary!

The hike is abt 1km in. The 900m is normal trek. The last 100m, is like a mini obstacle course. Nature-made. So ensure your shoes are non-slip. If you want to rent non-slip shoes, you can get them from the Orang Asli who also looks after the toilet.

We soon caught sight of the majestic waterfall. It was just magical 🌈!

On that day, we saw the rainbow a number of times & the waterfall was very splashy too.

At the foot of the waterfall, the guides set up their makeshift shelter to cook hot water for our instant cup noodle & hot Milo.

My husband & my boys had a dipped in the waterfall but my daughter and I decided to stay out coz it was just too cold for us. We stayed up here for abt an hour.

We reached back our resort abt 12:30pm that day.

In all, this is a recommendable hike for a young family.
Written 12 December 2019
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Blue Mountains National Park, Australia27 contributions
Blessed to be there
Nov 2019
The waterfall and rainbow are so beautiful. We were so near to the rainbow but there is a price to pay. To be able to see it, you have to climb about more then 1km. The climbing can be quite dangerous as the rock are shaky when you step on it and the water is quite strong when you wag through it as you climb. Overall it is worth it.
Written 9 November 2019
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia181 contributions
Not as majestic as I hoped
Sep 2019 • Friends
Probably had huge expectations considering the journey to the waterfalls was quite challenging, ie 40 minutes of driving through the forest in a 4WD then hiking up to the waterfall for about 1.2km. The hike was not too hard but still challenging for those with low stamina or difficulty in climbing. There was no sun on that day and since it was a public holiday weekend, at least 400 people hiked up. Too crowded and disappointed.
Written 16 September 2019
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7 contributions
Group Tour for Senior Citizens
Aug 2019 • Friends
RAINBOW WATERFALL 彩虹瀑布 is a very irresponsible 不负责任 & unsafe destination 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑, many had injured & even die 会伤害和死人的地方 due to the unsafe condition and lack of emergency support...

It's reported in the local news that a 31 yrs old male Malaysian die of exhaustion on 10/8/2019 after reaching the place 😭😭😭😭😭) many unwary tourists have been duped 受骗 to come here 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬..
Written 12 August 2019
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Martin B
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1,999 contributions
A fabulous and well organised 6-7hr roundtrip offroad 4WD trip through the jungle to the Rainbow Waterfall
May 2019 • Couples
On arrival in Sungai Lembing we booked to go on the Rainbow Waterfall Tour through the hotel, cost was RM60 (+/- USD 14) per person which was amazing value for a 6-7 hr offroad 4WD tour.

The following morning was picked up from our hotel at 5:30am by a 12 seater "Safari Type" offroad 4WD Jeep. First stop was the Hawker Centre in Sungai Lembing town for breakfast. An amazing variety of mainly Chinese food to choose from (Noodles, Dim Sums, Pau and Crispy Pork Belly fresh from the oven). We both had a large bowl of noodle soup with loads of added ingredients, cost was RM10 for two.

Following this was a relatively short drive up into the mountains above Sungai Lembing to view the sunrise. Unfortunately the sunrise did not make an appearance that day but being high up in the mountains we did get to see the great sight of seeing the clounds below us which had filled the valleys between the mountain peaks and ridges. Even though there were about 19 4WD jeeps, and about 300 over people, surprisingly the viewing area did not feel overly over crowded.

Next was the main offroad 4WD journey through often dense jungles and hilly / mountinous terrain on dirt tracks which often required some serious "low gear offroad 4WD" driving, the drive itself took a bone shaking 1 hour to the end of the track, and also included crossing many streams and small rivers. On the route we passed by a local orang asli jungle community located next to a large river, although sadly we did not stop.

At the end of the drive was a large open area, next to a large river (the same as seen next to the local orang asli community) where the jeeps where parked and a journey on foot trek started. At the parking area where toilets which were immacutely clean (RM 0.30 fee), albeit with many seriously large wasps / bees !! Crossed the river by way of a rope bridge and started treking up a small tributary river, which joined the larger river by the bridge, for about 1.5km through some dense jungle. Initially the going was easy and the path very well defined and well signposted. However after about the 1km mark the path became steeper and steeper and frequently criss crossed the river. Some rock scrambling was required to ascend this last part of the trek (good walking shoes are advised), although many ropes had been thoughtfully set up to assist the climb.

At the top was the very high Rainbow waterfall, at least 150ft tall by my reckoning, below which was a large pool ideal for swimming and paddling. The waterfall cascaded over a large near vertical bowl shaped escarpment. Given its height and only the modest amount of water flow the water appears like a heavy spray as it reaches the bottom. With the sun shinning the combination of both the spray and the sun results in the formation of a well developed rainbow, hence the name Rainbow Waterfall (Air Terjun Pelangi). Surprisingly the water was not that cold, actually very refreshing after the climb up to the falls.

Given the large numbers of people (19 jeeps, 300+ people) the place did feel a little crowded, but not enough to be annoying. The 4WD jeep drivers who had accompanied us up to the falls set up some portable gas stoves and boiled up some water and provided an unlimited flow of free coffee and cup noodles which was a nice touch. Once it was time to leave all the drivers scoured the area picking up any discarded litter, coffeee cups and noodle cups (thoughful and excellent).

Made the hike back down to the 4WD jeeps and drove back to Sungai Lembing following the same route as before. Got back to Sungai Lembing at approximately 12:30 (just in time for lunch !!). All in all a fantastic 6-7 hour offroad trip through the jungle, seeing the sunrise over the mountains, much jungle and Rainbow Falls.

The whole tour was extremely well organised, unrushed and excellent value for money, indeed a steal at RM60 (+/- USD14) per prson. Highly recommended.
Written 4 June 2019
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24 contributions
Rainbow waterfall
Apr 2019 • Friends
It not an easy trek but doable.
Itinerary as followed
1) 5am pick up then breakfast at hawker (30mins)
2) to peak to see sunrise then
3) 4WD Jeep for around 1hr to the trekking place
5) trek up around 50 mins
- there are rope along the trek to make the reeking easier
6) hot drink and instance cup noodle provided at the water fall - cook by the 4WD driver
7) can play/ swim in waterfall
8) rainbow depending on the water but sure will have rainbow (big or small only)
9) back trek (50mins) and 4WD ride back (45mins)
10) the entire activity take around 5am to 12pm.
11) go once if have not been
Written 25 April 2019
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78 contributions
Disappointing Rainbow Waterfall
Mar 2019 • Friends
Worth to visit if you staying nearby, but not for us who travel from Penang with 7 hour driving, 1 hour of 4 wheel rough riding and 45min climbing up hill and this is 1 way only. coming back took a same duration. very tiring. And whether you see the rainbow waterfall or not depending on your luck. Must go earlier, if you reach after 7am you have to prepare for the scorching sun there is no place for you to hide.
Written 25 March 2019
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