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Taman Negara National Park
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia57 contributions
Feb 2021
We actually went in July 2020 and not 2021. Covid travel restrictions were briefly lifted so we took the chance. After a few months of lockdown some small restaurants disappeared, wildlife came to life!

Agree with other reviewers. The place is worth a visit, the entry price is very small ( 4rm) considering the cost to maintain. There are a few trails, one or two are without wooden planks which we ended up on by mistake. My kids were freaked out by the bloodsucking leeches and gianormous ants hahaha. Kids these days think the jungle should have walking paths that are tiled, no mosquitoes and very little to no scary insects ...actually adults think that too hahaha.

Do the river cruises, trekking, camp out if you have a tent, take lots of pictures or videos and enjoy the privilege that nature gives us now that our kids may not have have in the future.
Written 23 January 2022
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Izz Shariff
Shah Alam, Malaysia89 contributions
Sep 2020 • Couples
You can drive to Taman Negara Pahang via Jerantut. You can stay at Mutiara Resort located in the Taman Negara area (National Park HQ) or stay at the opposite area which offers more selection of place to stay with affordable price.

River crossing - RM 1 per trip

Entry permit - RM1 (valid for a month)
Camera / phone camera - RM 5
Canopy walk - RM 5 (closed on Friday)

Hiking at Bukit Terisek / Bukit Indah (Free)
Rapid shooting (RM40)
Lata Berkoh (RM40)
Night safari (RM40)
River night safari (RM40)
...and many more

Written 7 September 2020
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Viki P
Bratislava, Slovakia42 contributions
Feb 2020
We really enjoyed Taman Negara. The entry fee is super small and you can enjoy stunning nature. I would say that you do not need a guide if you want to see main points. It is sometimes little bit difficult due to a humidity, so I would recommend for people to bring some mineral water, or just some magnesium or vitamins...
Written 4 August 2020
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Aylin N
11 contributions
Aug 2019
We booked a tour to Kuala Tahan, the village near one of the entries, via a travel agency in Kuala Lumpur. We booked an accommodation on ourselves and had a very friendly host. The travel agency (Han) offered many activities such as hiking in Taman Negara, boat cuises, night walks, expedition to the orang asli village and many more. We stayed for a week and would have loved to stay a few more! The village has many delicious restaurants, a few of them offer western food. We often ate pancakes for breakfast. Careful: Make sure to bring enough cash, because there unfortunately is NO ATM. To get to the forest you have to hire a “ferry”, more like a small boat. Just wait at the sign and they’ll pick you up for 1 ringgit.
The canopy walk was closed due to constructions, the wood was getting unstable over time.
The rainforest offers a diversity of flora and fauna, a few spots to legally swim and some unpaved paths to hidden lookouts, where we got scared, because no one else was there with us!

Bring LOTS of insect repellent, flashlights for the amazing night walks, functional wear (humidity), a bathing suit and long sleeves.

We visited during rainy season, the rivers were full of fresh water and sometimes it rained tons!!

We highly recommend you to visit this little town, as it fully captured us and blew our minds. 5 stars fully deserved.
Written 23 March 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Andy Lee
Singapore, Singapore614 contributions
Jun 2019
3D2N trek through Malaysia's oldest rainforest. Our trip include a fast boat ride and a cave stay, Might not be recommended for beginners as the load is heavier and trek longer. But we love getting close to nature (leech included). Walk pass elephant footprints too! The cave stay was a novelty for us, including make-shift toilet corner.

For urban folks, the green canopy provided a much need respite.
Would love to visit again.

Google "SengkangBabies Taman Negara" for more photos
Written 5 March 2020
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Glasgow, UK153,188 contributions
Feb 2020
I visited the Taman Negara National Park as part of a tour package just because I felt that was the most effective way to get the most out of the trip. My package included two nights at a chalet, a night jungle hike, a day jungle hike, a boat ride at night, the canopy, a visit to an authentic villages, a visit to Deerland and Elephant Sanctuary, finally a boat ride back to civilization and a van for the final leg back to KL.

The only thing I found disappointing was the night hike as there wasn’t much to see and then it rained, like the heavens opened up. That’s not the parks fault of course, it just meant that the ground became too dangerous or just that the guides insurance didn’t tourists getting lost in the dark. The night time boat ride was super as we got to see fireflies. I kind of regret doing that now because I’ve only just read about the environmental impact of disturbing those insects. Talking of insects, I also got stung by a hornet in the chalet on the second night, so it didn’t spoil my enjoyment.

The boat ride back was super cool, really chilled out lying back, enjoying the sun and the river.

Would love to visit the park again.
Written 9 February 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kochi (Cochin), India180 contributions
Nov 2019
Taman Negara National Park is the 130 million-years-old virgin tropical rainforest in Malaysia. It is teaming with preserved, mostly unspoiled flora and fauna. Declared an ASEAN Heritage Park in the year 1984, the park is in Peninsular Malaysia or PERHILITAN, and is spread over 4,343 square kilometers. The National Park is considered as one of the oldest landmasses. The elevation of the hills varies between 80 and 187 meters above the sea level. The park boasts three river systems, which, after originating there, flow through the plains: Sungai Lebir, Sungai Terengganu and Sungai Tembeling. The UNESCO-designated World-Heritage Natural Site is a sprawling tropical rainforest. Its rustic beauty is amazing.

The National Park has an interesting geology. It is made of various rock formations, mostly sedimentary rocks spread over in the entire area. There are granite-based rocks in some areas, mainly in the Eastern part. Sandstones, shale and limestone, the so-called sedimentary rocks, make up the remaining areas, especially the Central and Eastern areas.

The Park is rich in terms of diversity of vegetation, hosting more than 3,000 species of plants. The high natural, rich levels of diversity and abundance are striking and exciting. Many species of flora are rare, vulnerable and threatened. That holds good for fauna too. The ferns alone number more than 246 species.

The area holds one of the largest populations of animals, with about 150 species of mammals. Prominent among them are the Asian Elephant and Malayan Tiger. The park is home also to macaques, insects and various birdlife. The river valleys, main rivers and tributaries harbor many species of reptiles and amphibians. Many species of the freshwater fishes inhabit the streams and rivers. It is reckoned that these biodiversity have been undergoing slow but steady ecological and biological modulation. This leads to rich and diverse plant and animal groups.

Taman Negara National Park is an excellent place to choose for a short vacation, if you like rough outdoor pursuits. Available activities are aplenty. You could choose walking on the world’s longest canopy walkway, visiting the aborigine village, trekking under rainforest canopy, mountain climbing, caving, fishing, camping and boating, including canoeing. Obviously, the forest is ideal for observing wildlife. The park’s website gives details information and offers a variety of packages. One could start one’s excursion from any one of the four departure points: Kuala Lumpur, Jerantut, Kuala Tahan, and Sungai Relau. There is a holiday retreat, Mutiara Taman Negara Resort, right in the middle of the Natioal Park, meaning right in the center of the forest.

Perhaps one could work out a one-day long visit, staying elsewhere in Malaysia. We chose to stay in the Mutiara Resort for 3 days and found it a convenient point to enjoy some of the activities Taman Negra has to offer.
Written 19 January 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Tania P
Edinburgh, UK15 contributions
Jan 2020 • Couples
Taman Negara was a mixed experience but worth visiting overall. It is surprisingly difficult to get to however so we ended up using the shuttle with NKS. We stayed in Kuala Tahan which is a small, quiet village. There are a couple of nice restaurants overlooking the river. To get to the rainforest you have to cross the river which was quite fun. The rainforest itself is spectacular. I really liked the fact that you could do many walks without a guide as there were clearly marked paths. There are several tour companies all selling exactly the same tours of which there was a small selection. I really enjoyed the orang Asli tribe visit but wasn’t convinced about the rapid shooting. The canopy walk is closed every Friday for maintenance but frustratingly, they closed again after 30 minutes light rain in the early afternoon. They advised that rain means automatic closure but they all went home and didn’t reopen again despite bright sunshine for the rest of the day. It seemed like they just needed an excuse and this was very disappointing. I think it’s an interesting place and unless you’re planning extended jungle treks 2 days is enough.
Written 1 January 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Perth36 contributions
Jan 2019
Stayed at the only 4 star resort there for 4 nights, did some walks and booked a few tours. But you don't see any animals except for monkeys. The restaurants on the river are run by people who don't know how to cook, I feel they just applied and got a special privilege of some sort, horrible food, but cheap.
Written 2 December 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Glasgow, UK161 contributions
Jul 2019
I had booked a holiday to Malaysia in Autumn 2018, wanted to do lots of touring. After browsing hundreds of operator sites and comparing prices and single supplements. I later found the Taman Negara website, which had tours that allowed you to see the whole of the country and most no single supplement, this was a HUGE ADVANTAGE for me, as others wanted me to pay for two people which was not great.

I had booked the ‘Day Tour Taman Negara (ex-KL)’ and ‘Elephant Sanctuary & Deerland or Batu Caves Day (ex-KL)’. When you are picked up in the morning, the car will either have Justexplore Travel or Taman Negara written on the side, so you know it’s your tour and have all your documents so they guide knows if you have paid or paying on the day, they are genuine with you and help your every need.


On the morning of the tour, I was told to be at my hotel reception for 6 am, you are always there 10 mins before in case your tour guide arrives early. I was picked up 20 mins later from the time scheduled, I thought that my tour had been cancelled or the guide had the wrong hotel, but it was due to them being late and traffic.

The drive was a good 3 1/2 hours, you pass through palm oil plantations and coconut palms, hills and views of limestone mountains. When I arrived, they weren’t happy because I was late but this the completely out of my control, I was blamed for something that wasn’t my fault.

You now walk down a little hill, meet everyone in your tour group and get on a long-pointed boat, the driver needs to turn the boat around to sail down the river. You will also have to pay to enter Taman Negara National Park, something that is supposed to be included in the tour price, they need to add this on the confirmation emails, it’s a catch is you ask me. After this, you are on your way down the river.

Your surroundings are nothing but towering forest, muggy brown water, and if you are lucky, you might even spot precious wildlife of the country, this lasts for a good 10 15 mins. You will be taken to an edge bit of the forest and proceed up flights of stairs when you get to the top your tour starts. The guide will introduce himself, what to watch out for in the jungle (no joke) and what you will be doing throughout the day. You climb upstairs to a viewing point, please take it easy, the humidity is very powerful, Malaysia is close to the equator and those not used to the tropical environment it will slowly take its toll on you.

At the top, you are spoiled with views all over Taman Negara and are near death with the squawking of animals and hissing of insects, you know you are in the rainforest. My body all over was soaking with sweat and had to sit down for a minute, the heat exhausts you. The group proceeded with the tour guide to another viewpoint and I stayed put, after 20 mins the group were back and we all head headed down the hill again. After this, it was back on the boat and I had 2 to 3-hour lunch break, I had to pay for my lunch and I was not pleased, again this was all included in the tour price and ended up it was not!

After lunch, the next activity was to go and visit the Orang Asli Village, the original Malayan people. You get 30 to 45 mins here, I strolled around the village and viewed the mud huts, I had a few photos taken in the massive tree trunk roots. It’s not just your tour group, lots of others view the village and watch the performance. At the village, the tour guide is in the process of showing you how to shoot things through a pole, this is them blowing into a long tube and hitting a target, this is how the rainforest people catch their food in the wild.

The last activity you will do in the rainforest is a rafting experience, you are back in your tour group. The driver will speed up and down the river, stop, and then splash the other boat, I loved this. The driver will stop and meet up with other tour groups, you get to swim in the rainforest river, which is roasting. After all the adrenaline and swimming, the tour ends and you are transported back on land.

The drive back to KL was a rather bumpy ride, I thought to myself that the driver could have taken a lot more care, and there was not only me on the minibus. You need to tell your guide that you have paid for a return transfer along with the tour, its never the same driver taking you back, make sure they know where the hotel that you are staying at in the city, lots have sat-nav on their phones so they won’t drop you anywhere.

I loved every minute of the tour, thank you very much for giving me the chance to explore such a wonderful place!
Written 11 November 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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