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New Delhi, India16 contributions
Mar 2019 • Couples
The beach is crowded. Moderate sea waves just enough to play around in the sea. Nothing special about this beach. Cleanliness also issue sometimes specially after full moon. We have better beaches in Thailand.
Written 14 April 2019
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12 contributions
Jan 2019 • Couples
This beach is never cleaned and, at leas over the six days we were able to check it out,it was always filthy. This is where the full moon parties cavort until they drop. Once they've cleared away the heaving bodies it is still a very god place to miss.
Written 17 January 2019
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World732 contributions
Aug 2018 • Couples
A beautiful beach and was clean before the party but sea lice ruined swimming experience here. Very crowded too.
Written 24 September 2018
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Hong Kong, China11 contributions
Jun 2018 • Couples
It not quiet Rin Beach can be divided into two sections with different characteristics. Rin Beach Nok is the energetic party beach while Rin Beach Nai has a quieter bohemian feel to it. Rin Beach Nok has the biggest concentration of accommodation, clubs and bars. When staying here, you are right in the middle of the party vibe it’s okay for the yang generation but not for us. The beach itself is one of the biggest on the island and it fills with sunbathers by day and party goers at night, visiting the many beach clubs and bars that Rin Beach is so famous for.Party
Written 16 June 2018
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Thomas J
Virum, Denmark78 contributions
May 2018 • Family
Wide white sand beach, palm trees, restaurants, however this part of the island is dominated by the full moon party - I guess this place looks completely different at night in full moon!

Compared to Thai pollution standard this beach is considered to be clean.

Has a net to keep pollution, etc. out of the swimming area which is nice.

Will recommend you to visit if you are looking for a nice white sand beautiful water clear beach.
Written 14 May 2018
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Ceallachain ☘️
Ireland2,059 contributions
Mar 2018 • Couples
Not the most enjoyable beach I've been too, kinda dirty! More cleaner beaches around, and lots of people here, more touristy then most!
Written 21 March 2018
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Kremena A
Varna, Bulgaria707 contributions
Feb 2018 • Family
There were high waves and the beach was dirty. It was a few days after a full moon party. Not a decent place.
Written 13 February 2018
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London169 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
A very nice beach, loads of space and good sand. A very good jelly fish net (needed here) with lots of hotels backing on to the sand. In the afternoon they set up tables and chairs to eat out on the beach but in general it is rather dull and sad as everyone is waiting for the various full moon parties to kick off each month.
It is time for the parties to be knocked on the head and moved off the beaches, develop the beach front into decent hotels and food places and close half the town down as it is totally over crowded with rubbish shops and bars and food places, mostly selling the same stuff from shop to shop and all paying far too much rent and everywhere beach sellers and taxi sellers hustling you for your money as they trying to survive until the next full moon when they can feast on the stupid drunk and wasted tourists.
The amount of medical centres should be a warning to the visitors that all is not well here. Come here between the full moons but not to party as it is sad 3/4 empty place. By contrast we had just come from the north of the island where the hotels were sold out and beach buzzing because there was no full moon rubbish there. Thong Nai Pan Noi, so if that place was full, it shows that this town is dying....
Written 10 August 2017
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Paris, France99 contributions
May 2017 • Solo
owing to low tide in the beach facing my hotel ,i went to this beach several times ;nice and clean ,not so many people around in may ( 2 days before the full moon party!) ,clear water and relaxing; there is no possibility to rent an umbrella for shadow but , laying down at the beach in front of Lalita House Resort U can find some good shadow... one of the best places to live sunset with all the lights on little by little and the sunlight fading away...the bars organise a sunset atmosphere for drinks very pleasant ,with music , drinks lights and sofas..;a nice relaxed experience..;constrasting with the sunset beach ,so tiny , littered ,shabby and sad...
Written 27 May 2017
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Kiama, Australia2,046 contributions
Mar 2017 • Solo

The thing about HAD RIND EAST (SUNRISE) BEACH is you perception will depend on WHEN YOU VISIT.

Most of my more than half dozen stays in the area have seen it as its best – a long (600m – nicest in central and northern areas), wide, drop dead gorgeous stretch of white sand, clean (particularly in recent years when busy areas have been mechanically groomed each morning) with fairly clear water which deepenf neither too slowly or quickly, Waves tend to be absent or gentle – although I’ve body surfed on nice days shortly after a big blow. In recent years a swimming enclosure had kept swimmers separate from the long-tail taxi boats – these mainly work out of the southern third (not so nice) section of the beach.

The beach is backed by RESORTS, RESTAURANTS and BARS.
BEACHFRONT RESORTS these days tend to be mid-range and above. Long gone are the backpacker bungalows which made this beach famous. You will have to go up onto the headland slopes to the south and north to find this type of place (although there are a few cheaper rooms in joints lining the southern third of the beach). Had Rin accommodation particularly beach-front, tends to fetch a premium over similar joints on the island.
RESTARURANTS and BARS in back of the beach are good places to spend time on a nice day. Things are competitive keeping prices towards budget level. Approaching dark, many set up candle-lit tables and mats on the sand, although I’m not too sure of the new military regime’s response to this – they have been very tough at PHUKET BEACHES on commercial activities seaward of the tree line. Not too many trees backing EAST HAD RIN these days – mainly confined to the northern quarter.
Another plus – even on the nicest days the size of the beach means I’ve never seen it OVERCROWDED – not even the day before the FULL MOON PARTY.

Weather conditions are the key to get the beach as good as above – you want fairly light winds and of course sunshine. Both are in no shortage in this part of Thailand. I’m thinking this is how it was on 6 of my 8 stays.

However every now and then STRONG EASTERLY WINDS kick in. They can often hang around for 4 or 5 days and people arriving at the beach are going to be underwhelmed by the very unpleasant conditions. Blustery blowing sand, bigger waves (sometimes the surf becomes dangerous – people have drowned in rip-currents), rubbish being blown onshore which soon negates the good work of the beach grooming. These strong easterlies often bing overcast even rainy periods. No wonder people fire in negative reports.
How often can you get such conditions? Well only 2 of my 8 or visits have seen them – but I tend to avoid the OCT thru DEC WET SEASON when these winds are more common.

THERE IS HOPE – westerlies are OFFSHORE at HAD RIN’s other two beaches, so you will find sheltered conditions at WEST HAD RIN(SUNSET) and LEELA beaches. Provided it isn’t raining, this is where you should head at such times.

Of course HAD RIN EAST critics may also have visited soon after THE FULL MOON PARTY and were unimpressed by the amount of rubbish and drunks littering the beach. My one FMP visit back in the 90s saw things back to normal on the afternoon of the second after-party day – however I notice beach cleaners are much more professional these days.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND THE PARTY? It’s often been said this one is A MUST FOR PARTY TRAGICS. I disagree – there are enough all night raves in or near home to make the hassles of Had Rin’s venal locals (drug supply scammers, police, thieves, pick-pockets, drink sellers, drink spikers, sexual opportunists, the transport mafia, accommodation owners – I could go on) worth missing.
MULTIPLE REPEAT VISITORS LIKE ME who like to be fully informed about the tourist scene should maybe experience the party at least once – but I have to say that having seen it in the 90s I’ve had no desire to repeat the experience.
NORMAL TOURISTS should avoid HAD RIN at party time. Not only is the party beach a wreck afterwards – they will find accommodation prices spike with vacancies scarce (many places insist on a 4 night booking around party time) and transport to and around the island overcrowded.
It is easy to avoid the party – FULL MOONS are the same date all around the world (although the party sometimes is a day earlier or later to avoid clashes with Thai public holidays – the net publishes party dates). Note the HALF MOON and NO MOON parties are held at BAN TAI, not HAD RIN.

HAD RIN WEST(SUNSET) BEACH is across the other side of the town’s narrow peninsula (10 mins walk). Most of this beach is west of the small pier/harbour area – extending some 1400 m. If you want few people on the sand this is a good place.
It is not a bad stretch of silica but is more yellow than white, tends to be a bit narrow at full tide and with shallow water offshore. The first third is backed mainly by accommodation – this used to be an area of budget places but most have moved upmarket these days. Note one long time joint CORAL BUNGALOWS throws very popular and noisy pool parties once per week.
Moving away from the harbour, the western 2/3rds becomes more tropical with less development, more overhanging palms etc. This area is often called AO HIN LOR and is an area where late-comer high end accommodation is being established on the steep hillside behind the beach. Because of distance from town they tend to offer some good deals.
LEELA BEACH – this is HAD RIN’s BEST BEACH and is 10mins walk south of the party beach. TRIPADVISOR has a separate LEELA page where I and others have detailed information. I also have sections on HAD RIN WEATHER and GETTING TO HAD RIN there.

Hope some of this info helps your planning for HAD RIN gang. Have a good visit.
Written 8 April 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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