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The Spotted Horse Ranch
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Very good

Tal C
Ohio3 contributions
Spontaneous encounter
Nov 2020
As season has just ended - we did not get to go on a horse trail ride like we wanted to, but since we came unnoticed, we asked to stay for a little while and check out the nice view. we ran into the owner of the farm and he gave us the most amazing, spontaneous tour! we heard stories, petted bunnies and got a real taste of life on the farm. Everyone had a blast!!
Written 29 November 2020
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Romeo, MI216 contributions
EXTREMELY DANGEROUS - Beginners avoid!
Oct 2020
EXTREMELY DANGEROUS trails for beginners - My horse fell, I HIGHLY recommend beginners stay away from this location. Negligent owner could cause serious harm. We were told the horses were in heat and aggressive, multiple people were bit by the horses throughout the ride.

During our beginner two hour ride my horse fell due to very poorly kept trails. It wasn't her fault, the trails were just so unsafe, the poor girl slipped in the very deep mud as she tried to make her way through it and fell onto her side. I narrowly avoided being crushed by her weight by yanking my leg out of the stirrup and leaping sideways off of the horse. If I had been a young child, more inexperienced, or just unlucky then I would be writing this with some very serious injuries. Luckily I came away with only a good set of bruises instead.

The trails were very very poorly kept, entire trees were down on the trail. There were ditches of mud many feet deep. We watched the horses slip and slide down the steep inclines. My whole party was terrified. The horses were not comfortable following and the entire ride they kept trying to make their own, safer, paths through the woods. This caused a lot of small injuries and unpleasantness for the beginner riders who were struggling to force the horses back on the trail and not get taken out by trees as they forged their own path. Eventually, we realized the trail really was dangerous (after my horse fell and we had a few close calls) and allowed the horses to make their own safer way through the woods, we just held close to them to avoid the worst of the branches and tree trunks.

I'm very surprised by the large number of positive reviews here, I'm never one to complain about a service but I feel obligated because I really do feel like this is an unsafe environment. As we came back, I saw a young girl around 10 getting hesitantly getting onto a horse to go out. I was genuinely worried for her so I decided to speak with the owner. I didn't want a refund, I didn't ask for anything, I just thought that perhaps he was unaware of how dangerous that trail was for beginners. I very calmly and politely told him about our experience. He was civil as well but when I told him that was not a beginner trail, extremely unkempt, and I was almost very seriously injured he said that they "Only had one trail and we have to pay the bills." he said they send everyone out on that trail. I told him I was amazed they didn't have more accidents and he joked that if people get hurt they "Usually just shoot them out back."

While I appreciate humor, he really took none of my concerns seriously and completely dismissed the issue. We talked for 15 minutes and there were no reassuring comments said about my horse falling, no assurances of safety, no concern shown for myself or any other riders. I was just trying to be friendly and helpful to avoid injury for future riders and it was not at all taken seriously.

Like I said, I hate to complain, I really never make posts like this as I prefer to resolve these things one on one with the business owner. However, if I help avoid one serious injury caused by this location's negligence then it is worth it in this case. Don't risk injury at this location, go somewhere else.
Written 26 October 2020
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Yang W
1 contribution
is covid pandemic real? Hear the answer from the owner of the spotted horse ranch,Laurelville, OH
Jul 2020
Me and my wife have been here 3 times in the past, and the experience every time was valuable to me. I want to book a 5 hour ride-cook out experience for my September birthday. In the phone call I asked the man if they are taking any precautions during the pandemic if other customer joins the ride, again, since there will be a cook out.
He said, "for me I don't acknowledge any of that. I think that's total political. If you believe in that, this is a wrong place to be. He later on said it again,"I don't believe any of that BS." I asked, Are you one of rider or are you the owner? He said, "I'm the F* owner." "We're full. This is not a place for you." Then he hung up.
Written 20 August 2020
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Michelle K
3 contributions
Fun Family Adventure
Aug 2020
Took my family of 4, including 10 yr old and 8 yr old daughters. None of us had ever been riding before. Matt, our guide, did a great job of introducing the horses and keeping us comfortable the whole time. Our trek went up into the hills on the property. Such a unique way to experience the beauty of Hocking Hills. My youngest daughter's horse was Ginger and she immediately fell in love with horseback riding. As soon as we were in the car driving away, they were asking when we could come back again!
Written 12 August 2020
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Beaver, PA3 contributions
Hocking hills getaway
Nov 2019 • Family
Chilly day but lovely 1 hour ride with my girls ages 8 and 9!
Beautiful scenery and ranch! Our horses were well behaved.
Our guide Kate was excellent !
Thank you for a wonderful time!
Written 23 November 2019
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Teresa W
1 contribution
Do NOT camp here
Oct 2019 • Couples
IDK how the guided trail ride is, but if you are looking for a place to camp with your horses, go somewhere else. The guided horse trails are the ONLY trails that are maintained. At the run down stalls, no lights,no water, all stalls were dirty and most were overgrown with weeds. Several of the gate panels were broke. The only way to get to the trails are about 1/2 to 3/4 mile of fence on both sides with cattle, horses, sheep, buffalo, and deer. Running loose were chickens and turkeys and 3 or 4 big barking dogs that ran up and spooked the horses. The water hook up at site is not for human consumption. Dont waste the $55 a night, go somewhere else.
Written 19 October 2019
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Beth T
1 contribution
Spotted horse ranch
Jul 2019 • Friends
Unfortunately we did not have a good experience. My friends and I are beginner riders. We did inform the ranch of this. First of all, our ride was to begin at 1 but due to the horses being hot and tired, they asked us to wait 45 min. In all honesty, that wasn’t a problem. The problem existed when they didn’t cancel the ride altogether! The horses were temperamental. One horse kicked another, causing my friends horse to take off, and mine followed suit. It was an extremely dangerous situation. The trail was extremely muddy, and dangerous. Eventually 3 of us refused to go on, and dismounted the horses. We were walking back! Our guide was sweet and understood completely. She agreed the horses probably should not have gone out. However, us leaving left her in a bind with three horses with no riders, and 3 other riders with their horses. She had no way to communicate with the barn! This, above all, was the most concerning to me. What in the world if someone were in serious trouble and needed immediate emergency care? These people need to have safety precautions in place. I will never recommend this ranch again. The owner was uncaring, and sat and drank his beer with no care in the world. There are plenty of other places where I’ve gone and I felt safe and had a great time. This was not one of them.
Written 15 July 2019
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Fort Wayne, IN253 contributions
Prettiest Ride
Jul 2019 • Solo
It’s the 4th of July and after having hiked all the Hocking Hills trails this week, I wanted a change. I was able to get a quick reservation with Spotted Horse Ranch, and I am so glad I could. The ranch is a real ranch with cattle, goats, water buffalo, deer, chickens and turkeys. As you look out over the lush pastures, you see the rolling forested hills. You feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie.

First, there were only 5 riders with 2 wranglers. Our lead wrangler kept up a conversation and gave us tips throughout the ride. I wondered how the animals were treated. Some trail businesses are harsh on the horses. No need to worry here. The horses are ridden no more than two rides per day and the older horses, one ride. They get Monday’s off. And daily they get to eat in the 80 acre pasture. You could see the care of the staff toward the horses as well.

As for the ride, our group had a child and first timers. I was a bit disappointed at first since our pace was slower. However, the scenery was so pleasant, I enjoyed the slower ride.

I can’t recommend the ranch enough!
Written 4 July 2019
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Pennsylvania44 contributions
Two Hour Trail Ride
Jun 2019 • Family
We went on the two hour trail ride. The trails were very muddy, which was totally understandable with the amount of rain the area has received. The guide had to do a bit of trail maintenance while we rode and we rested a couple times for a couple of the horses who were just a bit winded from climbing some of the hills. They seemed to recover quickly though. We could tell that everyone there really cared about their horses, but we were a bit puzzled that they all smoked around them and in the barn. Other than that, everyone was very nice and our ride was fun.
Written 4 July 2019
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Russell B
Toledo, OH26 contributions
Trail riding with The Spotted Horse Ranch
Jun 2019 • Couples
Had a great time on a 2-hour trail ride with The Spotted Horse Ranch. Katie, our guide, was fun and informative. Always safety first with Katie. Rode two beautiful horses, Cheyenne and Copper. The have Appaloosa horses here and they are all beautiful! Two hours of trails riding and great fun! Would definitely recommend this to everone.
Written 22 June 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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