Banos Termales de Churin La Meseta

Banos Termales de Churin La Meseta: Address, Banos Termales de Churin La Meseta Reviews: 4/5

Banos Termales de Churin La Meseta

Banos Termales de Churin La Meseta
Hot Springs & Geysers • Thermal Spas
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Exactly how I last saw this place 30 years ago
Aug 2019
The place has not changed much in over 30 years, still provided the same enjoyment of thermal springs out in the boonies. The only difference was that the water does not have that strong sulfur smell anymore. The roads to Churin are paved, cutting driving time from 8 hours down to 4 hours. My next trip will have to be for a 2 to 3 day stay.
Written 12 September 2019
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Lima, Peru51 contributions
Nice week end
Mar 2018 • Friends
Near to Lima, large variety of hostels and restaurants, we paid 20 soles per night, it was a nice week end
Written 25 May 2018
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Carlos M
San Juan, Puerto Rico36 contributions
A nice Hot Springs area. Stay 2 days or more
Jul 2017 • Friends
Churin is a quiet Andean town, on the dry (coast) side of the Andes. The mountains are rugged and young, which means loose, falling rocks may fall and, sometimes, obstruct the road. The town is strung along the road, on the side of the river. There are several hot springs of different characteristics. The Mamahuarmi are a series of outdoor springs and pool. The water is clear with slight sulphur smell, but the water is luke-warm and the wind is strong and cold. Best to go in the morning and noon. A nice waterfall can provide a good scalp and back massage. Lockers and change rooms are available. Other Springs I have visited are out of town on the road. Your can take a "motocar" motorcycle rickshaw ride for some extra thrills on the way. The "Iron" baths are on the opposite bank and have both private rooms with spas and community pools. The water is opaque and reddishe and very warm. Slightly farther out are the "Tanka " Springs with few private rooms but several indoor pools of very hot to scalding water. An outdoor pool, protected from the wind, was slightly cooler (but plenty hot) and the best bet for me. A rest area, restaurant and refreshment area exist. The water is opaque and reddish. Several other Springs exist but which I did not visit. Hiking is nice but beware of the loose rock / landslide areas. On the way in you may visit the town of Sayan, which is unremarkable but has a nice church and an excellent "alfajores" (cookies) at the store on the right side of the Plaza (as you look towards the church). There are a couple of other towns with hot water springs in the area, which I have not visited. "Chuchin" is said to be the best of them.
Written 23 July 2017
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Jules H
Miraflores, Peru180 contributions
Bath, Health and Adventure: Churin and its medical hotsprings
May 2015 • Solo
Churin is a little town located in the Andes region of Lima, about 5-6 hours by car, taking the road to Sayan. If you want adventures that will be rewarded by a good rest and relaxation time, this's the trip you are looking for.

The road is very tough and bumpy because the Consorcio Vial Huaura (CVH) is paving the way. Please, take into account that the access to Churin is no open all the day due to these works. I would recommend you to ask to the company bus which you bought your tickets or search on Internet in advance. It would be preferable not to travel by night: the condition of the road with no light and some road burglars will add adverture to your experience.

About transportation, NO COMPANY BUS IS GOOD AT ALL. Believe me, someone recommend me "Estrella Polar" but I had several troubles with this company and the others are made by the same cut. Do not surprise you that you buy your ticket in Company A and when you are finally traveling in Company B (hearing excuses like "the bus is broken" and then in a hurry you finish in the next agency dealing with ticket transfer) and finally think that everything is going ok, your seat might be booked by some other customers of Company B. A situation like this caused us delay on our departure, plus a flat tire and passengers themselves negotiating with CVH and the police not to stay quiet for 5 hours until the access is open again.

There also are vans that leave from Huaral or Huacho to Churin and vice versa which are unsafe due to discomfort (limited space more if you are a tall person) and unsafetyness (few days ago one of these vehicles was trapped by a rockslide).

Churin has several hotsprings, known for its medical effects such as "Baños de Tingo" or "Baños de Fierro", water temperature can reach 40°C. There are station wagons which leave Churin Main Square (near Amazonas Hotel) and get there for PEN 2.50. The entry for these sites are about PEN 3.00.

In Churin itself you can find "Baños Termomedicinales La Meseta" (to get there, a mototaxi would cost you at most PEN 3.00) and by walking you can find the following: Mamahuarmi and a few metters, La Juventud. Entry tickets are sold for PEN 3.00 and you can stay as long as you want. I had lucky and I went to Mamahuarmi in a sunny day. This is the only complex outdoors. On the oher hand, La Juventud is careless and not crowded. The only attraction is the "Misterious Tongue" (a rock formation shaped tongue) located meters down near the river.

Finally, I've finished my journey traveling to Huancahuasi, the most famous, because a former President of Peru used to go there and put an eye on Churin which is the reason that this complex is known as "The Presidential Baths". It is also the most beautiful and its warm water make you forget all your sorrows and pains. The entry ticket is PEN 5.00.This place also has private pools for 4 people if you want more privacy.

Crossing the street you can find the Picoy baths. I think it is a crowded place because you can find warmer water and cheaper entry ticket (PEN 3.00).

There's also a bath complex in Chuichin also known as Huacachin. The landscape around this site's such amazing and relaxing. I did't get into the pool but I enjoyed time taking pics.

I thought that being an andean town, the gastronomic proposal would be awsome. My mistake!!! I felt dissapointed. Prices are like Lima and there's no service culture. Also, if you eat little, you can share a dish with your partner.

Avoid high seasons such as Christmas and Easter Week. Prices over room and board goes to Heaven and it doesn't worth it the pain and the travel.
Written 13 June 2015
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Doris A
New York City, NY10 contributions
Hot Springs Medicinal Baths of Churin in Lima, Perú.
Jan 2015 • Couples
We took the bus at the "Plaza Norte" Bus Terminal, which is about 35 minutes away from the Main Plaza in Lima.
Be aware this terminal is huge, has security ports, you have to pay to enter the departure area, it has many different bus routes, prices and services but few posting giving information to the new traveler.
It was difficult to move around even though I speak Spanish fluently.
You have to keep yourself informed about what gate you need to wait at; bus departure times and everything else.
We were surprised they did not informed us about anything,
including being videotaped before boarding the bus.
So after all that, we found out later that we could have taken a van outside the terminal without going thru all that fuss.
We took a van in Huacho.
The only seats left were in the back and we regretted it later, after 2 hours or more the bumpy ride took a toll on us.
There is road construction or repairs along the way, we were detained for about an hour.
We got to Churin at night, it was cold, I was still shaken by the treacherous road full with cliffs. some over 200 meters.
Roads are not paved, it was raining and a tractor trailer got stuck in front of us and our driver backed up the van and got so close to the edge to let him pass by. One of the back wheels got dangerously closed to the edge. Not safe at all for passengers. This driver spent no time thinking about risking his life in this manner and gave no thought at risking ours neither.
Once we arrived in Churin we made the mistake to take the nearest hotel because I was not feeling well.
That's how we got to "Hostal Mary," where we had a terrible experience and a rude and dirty host.
The next day we spent some time around the plaza waiting for our ride to the Springs, we got a bottle of Muña Tea from a lady street vendor. This herb has medicinal properties.
We took a taxi to go to the Springs with another two passengers.
It was a nice ride, not for the faint of heart because it has treacherous roads and cliffs (again!) :-)
The Spring Bath House has informational posters written in Spanish and English about their medicinal uses.
They have private rooms with a small bath area that you can fill in with hot spring water and regular tap water to bring it down to a temperature that is comfortable for you.
The first room we tried had water that was too hot, we had to called the attendant to be switch to one with that had spring and room temperature tap water.
The staff is not very helpful or informative.
After someone uses the rooms they only dry the wet floor with a mop, I did not see them sanitizing the room or using any kind of disinfectant
They have a communal pool with room temperature spring water.
The Bath House offers also meals and lodging upon request.
We didn't get a good look of the nearby area because started raining and it was cold.
We were advised by locals to bundle up after leaving the pool room and to rest at least half hour before leaving the place.
Going back to town we noticed most of the town is filled with lodging places, some of them looked very decent.
Next time will try to arrive earlier to pick a better place.
Take your own bathing essentials with you: sandals, swimwear or shorts and top, shampoo, conditioner, soap and towel. if you want to take a shower after. however, you will notice that locals come in accompanied by their relatives, bundle up, rest a while and then leave quietly.
You have to pay a small fee to get in.
There are different Bath Houses in this town that we were not able to visit.
Going back to the main plaza in town we took a van to go back to Plaza Norte Bus Terminal, it took about 3 hours to get there. This driver took a different route ("Rio Seco"), we did not have to go to Huacho, the road was mostly paved and we had a much better ride. The scenery had spectacular mountain and river views. We stopped to get snacks in the way.
Going back to the city we planned to come back again and stayed there for a few days.
Written 8 April 2015
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