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Things to Do in Dominican Republic

Top Attractions in Dominican Republic


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  • Sofia Hex.
    Orlando, FL5 contributions
    We loved being able to enjoy a bit of the Caribbean while in Punta Cana. The island is gorgeous, and depending on the group, the trip can be serene or fun. We went with Nexus Tours and enjoyed every moment! They picked us up from the hotel, then drove us to Bayahibe. From there we got on a Catamaran where we stopped on the natural pool first, and from there went to Saona Island. Highly recommended day trip.

    — (español)

    Nos gusto poder disfrutar el Mar Caribe mientras estuvimos en Punta Cana. La isla es preciosa, y el viaje puede ser tranquilo o divertido dependiendo de la compañía. Fuimos con Nexus Tours y disfrutamos cada segundo! Nos buscaron en el hotel y de ahí nos llevaron a Bayahibe, donde tomamos un catamarán primero a la piscina natural y después a Isla Saona. Una excursión totalmente recomendada!
    Written 13 May 2022
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  • Belkys H
    Toronto, Canada25 contributions
    Lake Enriquillo is a beautiful, hot, and magic spot in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. It is the largest and most hypersaline lake in the Caribbean. The water in the lake can reach hypersaline levels up to 66% higher than sea water. It was previously called Lake Xaragua (Jaragua) after the Taino chiefdom in which it was located. The Lake was formed 10 million years ago when the north island, which was the area toward the Sierra the Neiba’s and the south island, which included Sierra del Bahoruco, le Massif de la Selle, and the Tiburon Peninsula in today Haiti - joined as result of earth movement that formed the Hispaniola island (see photo No. 2).

    Although arid and harsh, the area is rich in wildlife. Among the fauna: the American flamingos, 61 other species of birds, three species of fishes, and American crocodiles. The Ricord’s and rhinoceros iguana are endemic species. The iguanas are the most welcoming of all the inhabitants in the area.

    The flora is 10 % endemic and includes cacti, bayahonda, cambrón, guayacán, baitoa, cayucos, melón espinos, and many other species.

    The journey to the Lake is as exciting as the destination. In our way we cross cities and small towns – San Cristobal, Bani, Azua, Tamayo, Galvan, Neiba, Postrer Rio, Los Rios, Villa Jaragua. During a big part of the trip, the majestic an imposing Sierra del Bahoruco made us company. The physical environment around the Lake is captivating and the sensation of being in a special place is worth the trip.

    References: National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund, Parque Nacional Lago Enriquillo e Isla Cabritos.
    Written 28 August 2020
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  • Carol3552
    Chicago, IL90 contributions
    This is a beautiful spot; however, it is HUMID as hell down there so be prepared to sweat and have your glasses fog up. I paid $2000 dominican pesos for the guided tour which you really do not need. I knew that tourism was hit hard by Covid and I wanted to help out but I wish I hadn't because the lady then escorted me to all the vendors hawking very over priced souvenirs that I wouldn't have wanted if they were free and kept telling me that if I didn't buy something, their children wouldn't eat. I didn't appreciate that and would have preferred taking the caverns at my own pace. That being said, it is worth visiting, just be prepared for stairs, humidity and very, very aggressive vendors.
    Written 6 May 2022
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  • Rach&Dar
    Montreal, Canada331 contributions
    A truly awe inspiring landscape awaits you at 27 Charcos. Just to say right from the beginning, if you drive there yourself which is about 30 minutes outside the city the cost is much less than using a tour company. It is a hike up to the start and maybe not recommended for anyone with breathing troubles or any physical disability that requires a decent amount of walking. Our guide Charlie made sure to let us stop and rest and also explain different flora as we hiked up. We did 7 of the waterfalls and it lasted about 90 minutes. Even if you are not up for jumping off cliffs into the clear water there are either ladders or slides you can use instead. But just being in the middle of the jungle surrounded by the natural beauty was just as incredible. They state on their website that water shoes are suggested because of the hike and for once in the water, however normal water or beach shoes used to get in the ocean while snorkelling are not enough and we found this out the hard way. It would be best to have a Velcro sandal or even an old pair of runners to wear as the hike up and down requires a shoe with a good sole. They do rent shoes there to wear also. We had a great time and think this is a must when in Puerto plata.
    Written 2 May 2022
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  • Lacy K
    Lumberton, MS6 contributions
    Bavaro beach flea market was ok. The pricing was much higher than the local flea markets and they weren’t willing to negotiate as much.They do have white Hennessy but wanted $120US (only place I’ve seen it since we’ve been here) The beach was nice. We took a tour with a local tour guide on the beach for $100US to swim with sting rays, sharks, observe the dolphins, and swim in the natural pool, they promised a snorkeling spot which we never went to.They did let my husband drive the small speed boat to the dolphin holding place just off the beach. They did have options for party boats, parasailing, and an expensive restaurant (NOVA Beach Club) that wasn’t good in my option.
    Written 27 April 2022
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  • Hussam S
    Cairo, Egypt439 contributions
    - It’s (Well Located): its East border is front river of Ferry Port and the Southern one with a Sea Front. Many Bus /Mini Bus stops around to go everywhere with a Fare depends distant equal or bigger than 30 RD$. Espresso-Bávaro Bus to “Punta Cana” and MTR =2.5 km W.
    - It has relatively big Size and square Shape with a neat (Design) containing paths & streets look like a Chess board so easy to navigate. It contains some of not v. important Ancient Buildings. Its main entertainment shopping Walking (“Conde” Street) access the Zone starting from “Independence Park” at the middle of West edge until the Port at most East edge and it contains some shows & entertainment, shops, restaurants, money Exchange, and relatively cheap big Supermarket “Nacional”, the things in DO are generally expensive close to PR & US, And during passing it the zone it across the (Main Square) that is interesting vicinity to the Port and contain the main Church & bars & life shows.
    - The Big Disadvantage is: there is No (Beach). And in general if you don’t know before like me, No Beach in or around Santo Domingo. I listen about semi famous one and suitable for the tourists named “Boca Chica” Beach that is far about 40 km E. you can go by expensive Taxi or by using 2 consecutive Mini Bus starting from front of the zone. But, I saw semi wide semi short tree aligned not bad (Sand Beach) just front South of the zone but they let it dirty without cleaning so nobody uses except some locals youth?! I stayed in this Beach about 1 hr. before sunset beside a famous Statue and watching the Ships during exit from or enter to the river of the Port but without swimming. (I hope; they make an attention with this Hidden Good Beach).
    Written 30 April 2022
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  • Prunellanj
    Warren, NJ62 contributions
    Exciting ride in a cable car with a beautiful view. Sometimes because of the cross winds it can be closed. So check ahead!
    Written 3 May 2022
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  • Janet W
    89 contributions
    I am a little confused by the older reviews here. We went on a trip to Altos de Chavon with Bayahibe Fishing Centre (great company). The boatman dropped us off at the bottom of a flight of steps, and my friend and I simply climbed up to the village. There was a nice security lady at the top who said we had to pay an entry fee, which we happily did. Simples.

    My friend loves taking photos and this village is incredibly photogenic. It reminded us a bit of Portmeirion in North Wales! Beautiful buildings, squares, cafes and vistas over the river. Lots of nooks and crannies, and the shops are lovely too. We hadn’t left enough time to explore and were very disappointed to have to head back to the boat.

    You need at least two hours there …. Longer if you want to enjoy a coffee, a meal or a proper look at the shops. It’s a great trip out, as a real change from the beaches, lovely though they are.
    Written 26 February 2022
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  • Angelinjune
    Munich16 contributions
    We went to Padre Nuestra Cave - we just drove to the park, paid 200Pesos per person entrance, and then 1.4 km further at the park entrance met a guide who offers a full tour for free (plus tips) which was absolutely awesome. He took us through the whole park, showed us the local plants, took photos and most importantly helped us on the last cave where you can swim in the dark in refreshing waters. You can also see the carving of the indigenous people here in this cave.
    Ramon (the Guide) is very knowledgable and friendly, we actually ended up giving him 1000 Pesos as a tip which was worth it.
    Can highly recommend this for any nature lovers! Bring good shoes, mosquito spray, water and bathing suit- no need for snorkelling gear as it’s too dark to see much in the Cave. We spent a total of almost 3 hours here.
    Written 18 June 2021
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  • Jennifer & Randy
    24 contributions
    Ocean World was awesome, even more fun than expected. It is pricey but well worth the cost. We booked our trip thru the resort we were staying in, and chose to do the Dolphin Encounter as an added experience. It is not the same as the Dolphin Swim, they are 2 separate encounters. Lunch was also included. We were able to get in the water, touch the dolphin and watch as it clapped for us and did little tricks. They are amazing creatures. There was a guide that helped us navigate the different shows so we wouldn’t miss anything. We saw all of their shows: the Sea Lion show, Dolphin Show, Shark Show, Bird Show. We had front row seats at each show. The shows are included, not an additional cost. The birds are amazing too. You have to go inside the bird enclosure and see the ‘love birds’, and feed them. This park is not as large as other water parks (like Sea World), so you are able to get close to the animals during shows, we were front row at each show, there were no lines. You can easily see all of the shows and do additional encounters in one day without missing anything or being exhausted. Take a camera, I read you couldn’t take photos, but that is only in relation to the ‘encounters’. The park has photographers that take photos during encounters you can purchase later. But you can take all of the photos you want around the park. It is a once in a lifetime experience.
    Written 7 May 2022
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    1 contribution
    The hotel is truly amazing. But the most outstanding part of our experience at the resort was their customer service. All the personal from the receptionist to the housekeepers were always smiling and happy to assist us.

    An special recognition to our butler Mr. Arismendy. He is a real gentleman. Elegant and super warm in his service.


    Jorge Ortiz
    Written 4 May 2022
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  • Hayla
    Goiania, GO1 contribution
    The waterfall is totally breathtaking.
    But to get there I felt totally uncomfortable to the option to rent a horse. I’m vet and just looking up these animals I could see that they were hungry, seek and sad. They don’t take care these animals. Rather than reading horses you can go walking but they try to rent a boot for 15 dolar and starts to say that if you don’t pay a guide is very very dangerous to a lady by herself because you can be stolen.
    Seriously?? After look other options I finally found a track (some meters far from the main track) to go walking without these boots and sad horses.
    Was totally quite, beautiful and peaceful. Local people said anybody can walk alone because is very safe.
    Do not let these opportunist guides harm your experience.
    Written 8 August 2021
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  • Filipsworks
    Lodz, Poland6 contributions
    The route to the waterfall leads through curvy roads through high mountains. Last dozen of kilometers are unpaved and last 3 or so was probably the most extreme ride of my life - through the narrow road on clay-like mountain side with at least 300m cliff. But it was totally worth the risk. The sound of exotic birds echoing in thee mountains, the sound of waterfall, the narrow trails and overall inaccessibility makes the experience unique. The crystal clear water, and sounds filling the air seems magical.
    Written 25 September 2021
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  • Nolinice
    Oakville, Canada2,721 contributions
    We have been coming for 20 years and considered well deserved the title of one of the best beaches in the world . Not this year. The disappearance of turista caused by COVId, or perhaps the currents have caused an already dramatically reduced in size beach to be as filthy as we have ever seen it, with plastic everywhere. Thanks to whomever kept presentable at least the last portion near the braza del mar restaurant and sorry we did not have the foresight or courage to pick up some trash ourselves.
    Written 3 December 2020
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  • Abc_and_me
    11 contributions
    Stunning beach! Quiet, with calm and still water that's different shades of turqouise, and clear all the way down to the bottom!
    Written 10 May 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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