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#1 of 256 Museums in Paris
I love museums, and have done most of the usual ones (Louvre etc.) but this one is my favourite now!!! What an amazing place, exquisite restaurants, wonderful art, friendly layout and overall one of the best art m...
M.d.O. is also much better than many European museums at giving a bit of context / history next to the art work (which is makes it so much better!!) Loved, loved, loved this museum - fifth floor gave me goosebumps...
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#2 of 256 Museums in Paris
Special note if traveling in the summer, the art museums have air conditioning so it's a great place to stop and cool off while learning about some amazing artists and history.
Let me set the record straight - I LOVE fine art - especially 19th and early 20th Century Art - I can - and have - spent whole days and WEEKS roaming art Museums, - the Louvre, Musee D'Orsay, Washington's National...
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#3 of 256 Museums in Paris
I've been to many great museums worldwide ... the Vatican Museums, the British Museums, archaeological museums, Egyptian museums, art galleries, etc. ... and I can say that the Louvre Museum in Paris is one of the...
Being a huge fun of museums i find that the louvre is one of the most magnificent museum i ve visited.. a true marvel in the heart of paris.. loved the greek collection and also the egyptian section blew our minds..
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#4 of 256 Museums in Paris
It's an extraordinarily peaceful and meditative place, close to other museums and landmarks, including the Eiffel which you can see towering over from certain vantage points in the sculpture garden.
A blend of a park, a gallery, an education and a visual specter -- Musee Rodin is one of the most accessible, easy to enjoy museums in Paris.
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#5 of 256 Museums in Paris
The History of the Camondo family is so sad, yet beautifully told in their former home.it is one of the finest personal museums i have seen anywhere in the world.
It made a perfect escape from the crowds of the big museums in the very center of Paris.
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#6 of 256 Museums in Paris
This is definitely one of the best private museums that we have ever been.
We booked a tour in English and our guide was superb - he was enthusiastic, knew his stuff, and delivered quite a performance of Edith Piaf while we rode one of the 19th century carousels the museum boasts!
#7 of 256 Museums in Paris
Paris has many small, specialized museums which offer art lovers a closer, more intimate opportunity to enjoy paintings and sculptures in unique settings.
I love Impressionist art, and have seen numerous museums featuring the work of Claude Monet, including special collections from numerous museums.
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#8 of 256 Museums in Paris
This gorgeous private home, filled to the brim with exceptional art, furniture, and fascinating architecture is intimate, small, and much more fun than big museums like the Louvre.
Unlike many of the great Paris museums (which are spectacular but sometimes overwhelming), this one is small and manageable, yet captivating and rewarding.
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#9 of 256 Museums in Paris
Founded by a New Zealander Mark, Mundolingua fills a gap among the huge range of Museums in Paris.
Well worth a visit if you want a change from big and traditional museums.
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#10 of 256 Museums in Paris
Parts of it are strictly in French, but like many other European Cities' Holocaust museums, it tells a very incredible but sad story of the european jews.
Museums of the Holocaust can be down trodden, and for good reason, but this on is a bit different.
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#11 of 256 Museums in Paris
I would only recommend this over the traditional Paris museums like Louvre, Orsay, and Pompidou (among ALL of the possibilities) if you've already seen them.
I think even a teenager who might get bored in museums might love this.
#12 of 256 Museums in Paris
Visited this museum on a Saturday and was really impressed with the collection of instruments from richly decorated clavichords to an immense variety and age of wind, string & percussion instruments, also includin...
This museum offers a fantastic opportunity to see and hear an enormous range of musical instruments.
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#13 of 256 Museums in Paris
The story of Paris and France unfolds with art, sculpture, furnishings, ceramics, and photographs in an exquisite setting which is more intimate and less crowded than larger museums like the Louvre.
The interior has a cozy charming ambiance and the fine arts collection (though smaller than most museums in Paris) is well worth the time and energy.
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#14 of 256 Museums in Paris
We've adored this big museum which presents some great permanent and temporary collections which cannot be found in other well-known national museums in Paris.
It is a beautifully organized museums, with different sections for each continent, although they all meet.
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#15 of 256 Museums in Paris
The Musee Bourdelle is one of our favorite Paris museums.
This Museum takes his name from the sculptor Antoine de Bourdelle ; Montparnasse has an important testimony of the past, of an artistic point; Many paintings, and superb scultures to admire.
#16 of 256 Museums in Paris
I was particularly pleased to see that the role of France's colonial troops in the world wars was seamlessly woven into the entire narrative presented of the war - American military museums could stand to learn fr...
Built by Louis XIV in 17th century as a hospital and retirement home for veteran soldiers, this large complex of buildings now hosts museums that are connected with French military history.
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#17 of 256 Museums in Paris
Confusing as 2 museums with similar name but this near sacre core church was the one to see- art, gardens, music, movies, art studio- see art through a artists eyes- this museum is much bigger than it looks- allow...
Small museums are often best: intimate, housed in interesting places and easy to get around.
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#18 of 256 Museums in Paris
... except Tuesdays, ticket price 8euro,free every first Sunday of the month,good souvenir shop -don t miss museums jewel The Lady and the Unicorn and my favorite- ivory casket The Assault on the Castle of Love....
Fantastic Medevial Art Museum - add this to your list of Paris Museums
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#19 of 256 Museums in Paris
The Musée du Parfum Fragonard (Perfume Museum Paris) is well worth a visit, especially if you have an hour or two to spare and you're nearby.
I had a very interesting visit, free museum and free guided tour is really nice.
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#20 of 256 Museums in Paris
I am a buddhist art lover and have visited many sites in Asia, hundreeds years old monasteries, temples and ruins as well as many museums dedicated to asian art but in Musee Guimet I saw some pieces I knew only fr...
This museum houses some wonderful art , sculpture and pottery along with other artefacts including combs and clothing .A great display of Buddha's from around the world in many finishes , including a modern take o...
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#21 of 256 Museums in Paris
... its the perfect size to explore in an hour or so, kids are fascinated by it and I recommend it to everyone because it is off the beaten path of those other famous Paris museums, but thats probably why I love it.
If you have been to the "major" museums of Paris and want something different, this little gem in the Marais is worth a visit.
#22 of 256 Museums in Paris
A break from art museums and monuments, this museum celebrates the history of science and technology that is both fascinating and engaging.
This is a great rainy day, inexpensive, and, a bit of a break from the uncountable amount of art (sorry) & crowds found in all the more famous Paris museums.
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#23 of 256 Museums in Paris
The Palais de Chaillot has 8 gilded statues on the terrace and is home to several museums including “Musee National de la Marine (Marine Museum) and the Musee d l’homme.
It houses a theater and very interesting museums: the Museum of Man, Museum of Architecture and of the Navy, I recommend that all three
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#24 of 256 Museums in Paris
We were fortunate enough to see a spectacular exhibit on loan from russia, that has primarily modern through impressionist works located in the Pushkin and Hermitage museums.
I highly recommend visiting this museum, even before the other more famous museums in Paris.
#25 of 256 Museums in Paris
I have been to other Jewish history museums which mostly focused on WWII and the Holocaust; this one focused on the thousands of years of Jewish history and culture BEFORE all that happened.
Many metropolitan areas around the world now have Jewish museums and it is interesting to see how each approaches its subject matter.
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#26 of 256 Museums in Paris
The kids have been to, and adored, the Natural History Museum in London so this seemed like a risk but they were fascinated by all of the interactive games and the sounds of the thunder storms as well as the enorm...
The Grande Galerie de l'Evolution is part of the Paris Natural History Museum, and definately the best part of the whole site.
#27 of 256 Museums in Paris
We recently visited Paris and since we'd already seen most of the major museums, we decided to find some of the lesser known ones to explore.
If you like smaller museums, you’ll like this one.
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#28 of 256 Museums in Paris
This museum is open on Mondays when many other museums are closed.
an excellent way to spend a couple of hours...the museum has lots of large scale models of French Naval ships from the mid 17th century through to modern warships.
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#30 of 256 Museums in Paris
This museum is on the third floor of the prefecture of the 5th arrondisment and is very interesting.
Old school yet wonderful museum