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  • Jacob S
    2 contributions
    Most tourists seem to go to stepperiders for the horse training, then rent a horse & go off on their own, but doing the tour meant we could learn away from base camp, plus our great guides Hishka (SP?) & Nema (sp?) did all the real work looking after the horses. Stepperiders own a plethora of horses, & they pick out ones for your style & ability levels. And if you & your horse don't get along, they'll easily swap one out.

    After this trek, we spent a night at base camp, where their new chef cooks amazing food & a welcome change from the mountains of mutton we had on your, then set off on a couple weeks tiki touring in a van. I recommend adding days to any of the pre package tours they have, as it is a lot of driving! But you see a lot of the country, from the Gobi to lakes to volcanoes to quaint little towns & museums. Our driver was hilarious despite his low level of English, and his wife gave birth to his baby girl a couple days before we returned (yay Togo!) & Our hard working & helpful guide Hishka joined us again.

    Worth noting that there are several added expenses, for things like hot pools that seemed included in the tour description. Also the description said we could ride reindeer if our guides manage to find reindeer herders in the north. Our great guides used all their contacts in the area & found a group with about a dozen reindeer. However, you can't ride then until fall as their bones are brittle after the long weekend. Perhaps this should be changed in the tour description.

    All in all, good people & good times. Much better than getting lost in your own (which you definitely would).
    Written 16 August 2019
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  • Leeanne G
    Brisbane, Australia1,648 contributions
    I have been out riding with Horse trek Mongolia on many occasions. Doing overnight trips and day trips. They are a very experienced organization with great staff. If you want to experience the country side, ride on good horses and have a great time then I definitely recommend doing a riding trip with them.
    Written 13 December 2021
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  • Brittany L
    1 contribution
    This group is very experienced at what they do and it shows.

    I signed up for the 10 day national park trek with friends who did the research in finding a guided horseback tour in Mongolia, and Stone horse was a clear standout from the beginning. They have their own horses and those horses are an established herd, so you know that they will generally be able to get on well enough with each other. The group is also an excellent team that does well at managing packing down, making camp, cooking, saddling, and care for the horses while you are on the trek. The equipment was all very decent and perfect for the terrain. As a single person I had a double wide north face dome tent, a thermarest pad, and a 0-degree rated sleeping bag. When it did dip down lower, there were rubber water bottles available on request for helping keep warm in the night.

    Food was great! Every evening meal was tasty and the varied what we had well. I had been forewarned by friends that the food in Mongolia on trips isn't always so great, but I really quite enjoyed what we had in camp and on lunches. They were also able to accommodate a vegetarian friend with no trouble at all.

    I was a relative novice, having not been on horseback for several years before the trip, but I found that the equipment was all very easy to use and the temperament of the horses was not an issue. I packed along some hiking boots to use for the riding days and that was very sufficient. I was particularly impressed that they had a few items of custom made gear that were very well suited for their tasks. The saddles themselves, but also the leather half-chaps which were super comfortable for all-day riding. It is important to have some comfort and familiarity with the horses and what to do when they are reacting to things. As with any riding in a wild place, there will occasionally be unexpected surprises and so being at least able to hang on and keep calm if a horse reacts to a ground bees nest or a dog popping out of the bushes behind is a must. For more experienced riders, being able to take their horse out of the column to run in the open or explore a nearby spot was permitted and I thought that was a nice bit of freedom and fun for the person who was able to do that during my trip. It also was clear that Keith, one of the owners, was able to work with folks to tailor trips accordingly, even helping get folks tripped off in the park mid-journey to join, or to take out by car of they needed to leave early. During my trip there were both scenarios, and the early exits and new joins happened seamlessly and with no disruption to the overall trip.

    The sights and places we got to see were phenomenal! It really is special to get into the park, see that there are really no fences, and to have the freedom of movement to go anywhere. Our guide Sabine was clearly so knowledgeable about these areas too and always found us nice resting points, lunch spots, vistas, and decent campgrounds along the way. Another little highlight of the trip was the two dogs that moved with the group and kept us company and gave us a heads up when there was wildlife around in the evenings.

    Weatherwise, we were very happy with the September weather. None of our riding days ended up being rainy (which was pleasantly surprising), however we took the advice to pack along rain gear and I'm glad we did as there were some evening rains.

    In terms of wildlife, we saw golden eagles, vultures, a small herd of elk, and at night we heard wolves nearby one of the evenings which was a special treat.

    I had a fabulous time on the trek and would certainly do it again!
    Written 25 September 2023
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  • Boo Atika
    Perak, Malaysia26 contributions
    MONGOLIA, 4WD in the land of Genghis Khan.
    This is not a trip to make on your own! Have to give the thumbs up to Ken Wang, our remarkable guide from YAT travels for having painstakingly and meticulously planned and organised this exciting and wonderful trip for me and my friends. This is the best 4Wheel drive trip as we get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of vast grassland, hills, valleys, waterfalls, lakes and of course Mongolia’s yaks, horses, camels and other livestock grazing freely in the amazing open fields. Breathtaking views all round as you travel along the journey. It’s definitely Nature at its Best! The highlight of the trip was staying in Gers, not hotels and served with good food throughout. Amazing experience! Thank you Ken, for your excellent leadership and service. This is my best ever and most memorable trip with Yat travels so far and certainly look forward to another trip again.
    Written 26 September 2019
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  • DorsetgirlLondon
    London310 contributions
    My boyfriend and I took a week-long non-horse riding tour and loved it.

    We had one driver and a translator (very friendly and enthusiastic) who took us to stunning landscapes, sights of interest (that would suit all tastes) and allowed us to experience a small part of what it is like to live and work in Mongolia.

    For most nights we had basic facilities (hot water and electricity), but some nights were more basic (toilet was a hole in the ground). That was the fun part of it though - you got to see how real people lived.

    If you can live without luxuries for a bit and want to see what Mongolia offers then I would recommend this company.
    Written 15 September 2018
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  • JuliaHubbel
    Eugene, OR846 contributions
    Jen Buttery, who is the operations manager (and my guide on my first trip with them to Kazakhstan in 2017) planned and organized a full month in Mongolia as a private custom trip. This entailed a lengthy drive through the Gobi where we camped on the open steppes, climbed sand dunes and visited camel families. She arranged for me to interview a number of fascinating women who are running their own businesses (I'm a journalist) and then, I flew west. I stayed with two different families, one in a ger where I was able to herd sheep and goats as well as immerse myself in family life. Then to a huntress' farm, where I spent days doing chores and playing with their baby camel Gogo. We topped off the trip with two days at the Eagle Festival. I was even able to fit in a few more camel rides and a horse ride. There were some bumps along the way which is predictable for such a long trip, but I came home with priceless memories as well as many new friends. It would be hard to express the value of the experience of living in a ger, waking up to a camel right outside your door, a white guard dog that leaps in circles in joy when you come out into the wind, and being able to go eye-to-eye with a golden eagle who views you as sushi.
    Written 24 November 2019
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  • alsono444
    2 contributions
    Rentsen's horse-riding trips are an unmissable experience when visiting Mongolia. He's a really knowledgeable, kind, and PATIENT guide with amazing horsemanship who adores his country and will share it with you. His tours are adaptable to any abilities and any range of adventurousness. My family and I took an 8-day tour in western Mongolia with Rentsen and it was as close to a life-changing experience as it gets.

    I didn't have service the entire time and it was the most freeing time of my adult life: no distractions, just you, stunning views, your horse, breathtaking panoramas and the company around you. It's one of the few times you can really disconnect from society and really feel free, alive, and connected to the land.
    When we started out, I was carrying some residual fear of horses, which Rentsen took into consideration when selecting one for me. We (the horse and I) got along extremely well and by day three I was galloping for the first time in my life, and galloping hands-free by day 6. Aside from everything, I thank Rentsen for instilling in me a love of horses and horse-riding I never imagined I would have.

    A final point - he's a pretty excellent photographer, which never hurts!

    Just two pro-tips: listen to your guide (who's looking out for the safety of everybody) and 1. don't be like me and abruptly stop your horse after a gallop as it can make them sick 2. don't be like my father and ride helmetless. Rentsen's horses are extremely well-behaved and novice friendly but accidents can happen and a helmet goes a long way. Regardless, I'm happy to report everyone came out of this holiday healthy, happy, and more peaceful than when they had started.
    Written 11 October 2023
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  • Christian
    Philippines9 contributions
    This trip will undoubtedly remain etched in my memory as one of the most extraordinary adventures I've ever embarked upon. What elevated this journey to a level of unparalleled excellence was the exceptional guidance provided by our tour guide, Byamba. We enlisted his services for a four-day exploration of Mongolia, and one of the standout excursions was undoubtedly the semi-Gobi desert tour.

    The journey from Ulan Bator to the enchanting Gobi Desert spanned a four-hour drive, during which Byamba went above and beyond to ensure our comfort. He thoughtfully stocked up on refreshing beverages and delicious snacks, sparing us any hunger pangs during the journey. His dedication to our well-being set the tone for the entire expedition.

    Upon reaching our desert destination, Byamba assumed the role of a true cultural ambassador, introducing us to the myriad activities available and guiding us through a captivating visit to a traditional Mongolian yurt,immersing ourselves fully in the authentic Mongolian experience. Byanba's commitment to authenticity was evident throughout, allowing us to savor each moment and capture it through countless photographs, all while he exhibited remarkable patience.

    Beyond the mesmerizing Gobi Desert encounter, Byanba proposed a brilliant side tour to the Hustai National Park, which turned out to be one of the trip's absolute highlights. This sanctuary proved to be a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offering the rare opportunity to witness a captivating array of creatures in their natural habitat. The sight of majestic wild horses roaming freely left an indelible impression on me.


    In summation, our tour exceeded all expectations, and our connection with Byamba further enriched our experience. His passion and profound knowledge were abundantly evident, and communication was a seamless facet of our journey. I wholeheartedly endorse booking this tour to anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure guided by a true expert. Byamba's dedication to ensuring every aspect of our journey was exceptional is a testament to his exceptional skills as a tour guide. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!
    Written 2 September 2023
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  • AlanD-Denver
    Denver, Colorado209 contributions
    I became slightly sick part way through a Gobi Desert trip, and Rara Avis completely revised our itinerary. They got me to a pharmacy for some drugs and were willing to get me to a hospital (I declined). We're now staying in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar and venturing out on day trips - a concert, a Husted National Park visit and more.
    Written 9 August 2019
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  • Begejota
    Madrid, Spain7 contributions
    From the moment we contacted them, they were the best company that we had written to (and we wrote to more than 10 different ones...). They replied extremely quickly to all of our messages and gave us very precise information and very reasonable prices.
    The tour we did was amazing: the horses were very good and we were allowed to gallop whenever we wanted (given that the weather and the terrain allowed it in a safe way). We got to experience sleeping in a tent in a tourist camp and in local gherts, and the food was also very nice.
    We would very much recommend you to book this tour with Inga, who is an amazing host and person.
    Written 11 September 2023
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  • Wei Tang
    Singapore, Singapore1 contribution
    My girlfriend and I just got back from Gobi tour with iTour Mongolia. Mongolia is beautiful country with charming people, good and organic food, rich history, fascinating culture, and sightseeing landscapes. Singing dunes and flaming cliffs are the highlights of our trip.
    The food we were eating was so fresh and organic, especially the meat in it was just out of nomad farm. The dumpling was best.
    We had greatest guide and driver who arrange everything. The saddest moment was separating from them after incredible 5 days with them.
    Thanks to professional iTour team
    Highly recommend
    Written 11 June 2022
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  • GoPlaces441898
    1 contribution
    This was the latest in a long list of amazing holidays I've booked with Wildlife Travel who are based here in the UK. I love the ethos of this travel company who put conservation first. Not only do they put all their profits into supporting our Wildlife Trusts here, but they seek to support local wildlife conservation wherever they go and use local guides wherever possible. Yumchin was a complete star in this respect and expertly guided us through our exciting 2-week itinerary in this vast, unique country. Everything was just so well organised, from the carefully-selected Ger Camps we stayed in, the transport including internal flights and the places we visited. I've absolutely no doubt that this took a huge amount of work behind the scenes but Yumchin was always so calm, organised and keen to share his knowledge with us. I felt truly immersed in Mogolian wildlife and culture. The highlight for me was our stay up at Snow Leopard Camp in the Altai Mountains where we hoped to be lucky enough to see these elusive big cats. With the help of local trackers, our trusted drivers and supported by a team of cooks from camp, we were blown away to find 3 Leopard cubs playing by their den as dusk was falling at the end of our very first day up on the slopes! Pure magic. There was something new and exciting to see every single day: watching Wolves stalking Gazelles and howling at night in Hustai National Park, the Pallas's Cat exiting its den for a stretch before setting off to hunt, the Steppe Eagles, herds of wild Pzreizawski horses, the vast landscapes and enormous dark night skies (I never seen the Milky Way so clearly!) the rawness of the weather, the variety of birds, studying the feather patterns of a Pintail Snipe being ringed by those dedicated bird-ringers at the Khovd Ringing Camp, the cute Picas running around camp, the smell of the Steppe plants, and the generous hospitality of the locals are all things that I will never forget. Thank you Yumchin and Soaring Expeditions for ensuring we got the most out of our extraordinary holiday. Superb all round!
    Written 12 November 2023
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  • Durian
    2 contributions
    Wow wow wow, this beautiful cottage in the city is a must stay. Not only is the wooden decor warming and beautiful just like the guides but the hostess herself really takes the cake for this one! Undral made our experience so perfect that we are forever in awe of her open arms and big heart. The sanctuary she has created in the hustle and bustle of UB is amazing and impressive. The beautiful common room is inviting and the perfect place to meet other travelers or just talk to the locals that work there. Undral has your best interest at heart always and will go above and beyond to make your experience just what you want. We will always hold a special place in our hearts and minds of the beauty that is Woodpeckers Inn.
    Sending all of our love to you guys, Boyna and Undral!
    from Jake, Josh and Amanda
    Written 5 October 2019
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