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Masjid Taneem
Sacred & Religious Sites
Station of Ibrahim
Sacred & Religious Sites
Sacred & Religious Sites, Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites
Mount Arafat
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites
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#1 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
We were fortunate enough to have a Kabba view from our hotel aswell which was amazing.. but to actually stand close to the Kabba is the most incredible feeling in the word.
It is the most sacred site in Islam.I have been visiting this sacred site since 26 years now and after performing Hajj five times and Umrah 41 times one still can’t have enough as this place is a truly humbling ex...
Grand Mosque
#2 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
Visited this most holy of sites recently, it was most inspiring , spiritually uplifting and awe inspiring!
Set your soul and tears free, be grateful, be humbled by the sights and refresh yourself with zamzam water.
Safa to Marwa
#3 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
It is a totally religious site and is restricted for & a must do for the muslims
Very clean environment and nice view.
Black Stone
#4 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
An amazing view and experience but the only toughest part is to get close to it due to every one one wants to touch it or kiss on it and that makes very difficult but I think around morning 110-1130 it's easier to...
It was indeed a wonderful n most exhirating experience.The proximity of the hotel to the site made it very convenient for the entire family to keep going to the Holy site.
Station of Ibrahim
#5 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
A very significant landmark for all Muslims and historical for the Prophet Ebrahim who obeyed the Almighty and was very gracious in his actions in building the Kaaba
This is a historical site with great significance for Muslims as praying two units of prayer next to it is part of the tawaf (done voluntarily as well as during Hajj and Umrah).
Jabal-al-noor (Mountain of Light)
#6 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
I walked up the mountain and slowly made my way up while admiring the carved stone steps, clouds over head, and amazing views of the city and Haram.
Its a spiritual place having peace on the mountain.. worth to climb it to have a scenic view of makkah city .
Masjid Taneem
#7 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
Religious/ Historical site
Abraj Al-Bait Towers
#8 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
Great place with great view from the top it deserve to be one of the new 7 world wunder also the price to gifts are really cheap .highly
Abraj Al-Bait Tower is a landmark in Makkah which is situated exactly in front of Haram known as Clock Tower building.
Mount Arafat
#9 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
Went towards end of april, climbed on top it was touching 49 degrees so couldnt stay long, amazing view, amazing feeling
Once on top, you can have a good view of the plains of Arafat.
#10 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
a peaceful place .A very significant place for the pilgrims performing Haj.A must visit site while in Makkah during umrah.
Bilal Masjid
#11 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca
#12 of 12 Sights & Landmarks in Mecca