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Grand Teton National Park Road Tour Guide

A comprehensive guide to the viewpoints and main attractions along the Grand Teton National Park Road.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 50 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This guide will take you from nearly Moose Junction to the south all the way to the northern entrance of the national park. This... more »

Tips:  From Jackson, Wyoming follow Highway 89 north to Moose Junction where you will enter the park.

There is a $20 fee to enter the park... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Moose Junction Entry Gate

At this entry you will be charged a $20 per car National Park Fee to enter the park.

2. Park Headquarters, Chapel & Discovery Center

The Moose Wilson Road which follows the scenic Snake River heads off to the south if you would like to check that out. If you want to get married in one of the most scenic spots in America plan it at the Chapel of the Transfiguration. Also take the time to check out the park headquarters and the very informative Craig Thomas Discovery and... More

3. Windy Point Turnout

A good view from the south of the Grand Tetons.

4. Taggard Lake Trailhead

This is a popular 4 mile loop hike to Taggard Lake you can head out on if you have time. Included here is a photo of the Tetons from this area.

5. Cottonwood Creek Picnic Area

Stop here for a bite to eat alongside a beautiful stream. The photo here is from the dirt road that enters from the east just around the bend.

6. Teton Glacier Turnout

View of a tiny glacier high up on the Teton Range. Please check out the guide links for more information about the glacier.

7. Jenny Lake Visitor Center & Campground

In this area you can check out the visitor center, camp overnight, or take a boat across Jenny Lake for a beautiful hike up into Cascade Canyon in the heart of the Teton Range. I have another guide for that hike. Check it out.

8. Cascade Canyon Turnout

A great view up into Cascade Canyon from this turnout. If you would like to actually hike into this canyon I have a guide for that with the same name. Check it out. The older photo is from 1989 when I was 8 years old. Can you see any changes in the mountains over the nearly 20 years between photos?

Take a left here for a road that will take you even closer to the Teton Range This road will take you south along Jenny Lake and you will return to the park road just north of the Jenny Lake Visitor Center. This road is one way from the String & Leigh Trailhead south.

10. Cathedral Group Turnout

Great views of the Cathedral Group of peaks in the Teton Range.

11. String & Leigh Lake Trailhead

Popular trails along the lakes and a big parking lot to hold all the cars. I've included some photos here from another trip on Everytrail to String and Leigh Lake if you are tempted to take that hike.

A wonderful place to stay overnight if you are in the park for several days. Check out the links I have attached to this guide for more information.

13. Jenny Lake Overlook

There is usually a Ranger stationed here in the summer that will happily provide a wealth of information about the park and may also have different animal pelts for children to check out. Take a stroll down to the lake for great views.

14. Back on the Park Road

You are back on the Park Road here. Head left past the Cascade Canyon turnout which you stopped at earlier and continue on to the Mountain View turnout just 0.4 miles north of the Jenny Lake Road Junction.

15. Mountain View Turnout

A great place to take a panoramic photo of the Grand Tetons.

16. Mt. Moran Turnout

A full view of Mt. Moran from this turnout. The best view of this particular peak in the whole park.

17. Pothole Turnout

The park is dotted with glacial "kettles" which are depressions in the land left behind by huge chunks of glacial ice that were deposited there. The land sound of Signal Mountain is dotted with these features that this turnout innacurately brands as "potholes".

18. Signal Mountain Road

I have another Guide for this scenic mounttain drive to the top of Signal Mountain. Check it out. I've included a few photos here of the views you will see at the top.

Another great lakeside place for you to camp while you are visiting the park.

20. Jackson Lake Dam

There is a parking lot here and trails leave from here that wind around the lakeside.

From this Junction return to highway 89 to head North. Take a left.

22. Willow Flats Overlook

Here you can pull over for a great view over Willow Flats and Jackson Lake to the Tetons but I would suggest passing this and taking my Lunch Tree Hill short hike from Jackson Lake Lodge. I have a guide for that short hike. Look it up as it will offer you better views.

This is one of the great lodges of America. You should definitely go in and check it out. Also check out my guide for Lunch Tree Hill next to the lodge. The lodge offers several restaurants inside for different budgets. You'll probably see some moose in this area as well. Again, here I include photos from my childhood 1989 trip to the Jackson... More

24. Pilgrim Creek Road

You can take this short unpaved road to get another vista of the Tetons. It's not a very long drive if you want to check it ou.

25. Colter Bay Campground

Another great lakeside Campground in the park. I stayed in this particular one and was impressed by the facilities.

26. Road to Leeks Marina

I believe you can rent boats at this marina and there is food available.

27. Picnic Areas

For the next 4 miles or so you will pass by 3 different picnic areas with signs on the road pointing to them. They will be, in order, Sargents Picnic Area, Arizona Island and Lakeview Picnic Areas. Pick whichever one you fancy if you have a picnic lunch and are hungry.

28. Lizard Creek Campground

The northernmost campground inside the park.

29. North Grand Tetons National Park Entrance

You will be leaving the park here. If you are continuing north to Yellowstone it will just be a short ways down the road to that southern entrance. I hope you enjoyed the Grand Tetons Park Road Guide.