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Tokopah Falls - Sequoia National Park

An easy stroll out of the Lodgepole Campground.

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.8 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  Like Yosemite Valley, Tokopah Valley was shaped by a glacier. This trail leads you under the canopy of pines and firs as you pass an... more »

Tips:  The trailhead is set inside the Lodgepole Campground. Let the ranger and the kiosk know that you are planning to take the hike. The... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Kaweah River

The trail runs along the north bank of the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River.

2. Trail

The trail winds through boulders which offers an occasional pika or marmot sighting.

3. Tokopah Falls

It is advised not to continue up canyon due to the dangers of slippery rocks.

4. Small Falls

Smaller waterfalls next to Tokopah Falls run in the early summer months.