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Zion West Rim Trail

The West Rim Trail has some of the most spectacular views that anyone could hope to see
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 18.6 miles
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  The West Rim Trail has some of the most spectacular views that anyone could hope to see. There are beautiful canyons, springs, seeps,... more »

Tips:  You can hike the West Rim Trail from the Lava Point trail head to The Grotto trail head or vice versa. You will need to rent a... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Lava Point Road

Hiking starts where the road is closed. The road has snow and fallen trees on it. This adds about a mile to the trip.

2. The Lava Point trail head.

Turn right off the road and onto the Lava Point trail head.

3. Look up!

What a view! This is definitely a hike where you want to spend a lot of time looking around and not just looking at where you are putting your feet.

4. Good Rest Stop

If you start hiking in the mid to late morning this is a great place to have lunch. What a view.

5. Camp Site Eight

You can pump water here. You are in Potato Hollow.

6. Camp Site Seven

The uphill starts here. The serious uphill starts here. You are leaving Potato Hollow.

7. Everywhere you look there are great views.

Remember to look up once in a while.

8. Telephone Canyon Trail

The Telephone canyon trail was closed. Take the right fork to stay on the West Rim Trail.

9. Camp Site Six

You are largely done with the uphill section now. The rest is relatively flat. The bulk of the West Rim Trail is on Horse Pasture Plateau.

10. Camp Site Five

All the camp sites are fairly similar. The biggest differentiator is that one and eight have access to pump-able water.

11. Camp Site Four

This is where we camped. Once you leave here the descent starts.

12. Camp Site Three

We could not find Camp Site Two.

13. Stand of trees

This is a much wetter portion of the trail.

14. Camp Site One

You can pump water here.

15. Seeps 1

You walk right by this seep which flows out of the wall and over the trail.

16. Seeps 2

Many seeps on the opposite canyon wall.

17. Bridge

This bridge marks the low point before the last climb to Angels Landing.

Angels Landing is visible in the background

Be sure to leave enough time to do the .5 miles from Scout Landing to Angels landing. The sheer volume of people can cause you to burn several hours doing this short portion of the trip.