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The Narrows (Top-Down) - Zion National Park

This unparalleled overnight or extended day hike follows the Virgin River through almost 16 miles of beautiful canyons.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 15.5 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  The Narrows is perhaps the most famous hike in Zion National Park. Most visitors take the day hike starting at the Temple of Sinawava,... more »

Tips:  Permits:
You will need a Zion backcountry permit for this trip.
A total of 40 people can do the narrows each day. There are 24 spaces ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Simon Gulch

5 miles from trailhead, Simon Gulch will be on your right.

2. Campsite #1

6 people max

3. Waterfall

1.5 miles pas Simon Gulch is a 12-foot waterfall, which is easily bypassed on the left or difficultly bypassed on the right.

4. Campsite #2

4 people max

5. Deep Creek

8 miles from the trailhead, Deep Creek joins the Virgin River from the right (North), and the water volume more than doubles. This point marks the halfway point distance wise but not time wise.

6. Campsite #3

4 people max

7. Campsite #4

6 people max

8. Campsite #5

2 people max

9. Kolob Creek

1.5 miles below Deep Creek, Kolob Creek enters on the right. Kolob Canyon is a technical canyoneering route rated 3B R IV/V.

10. Campsite #6

6 people max

11. Campsite #7

12 people max

12. Campsite #8

6 people max

13. Campsite #9

6 people max

14. Goose Creek

1.25 miles past Kolob Creek is Goose Creek, which enters from the right and adds more water to the Virgin River.

15. Campsite #10

6 people max

16. Campsite #11

4 people max

17. Campsite #12

12 people max

18. Big Springs

0.75 miles below Goose Creek is Big Springs. These springs surface from the canyon wall. No camping is allowed below Big Springs.

19. Orderville Gulch

Orderville Gulch is a technical canyon rated 3B III. At this point of the trail, you should begin meeting tourists who have hiked up canyon from the Temple of Sinawava.

20. Mystery Falls

Mystery Falls is the exit to Mystery Canyon, which is a technical canyon rated 3B III.

21. Temple of Sinawava

Catch the bus at the Temple of Sinawava.