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Nellie McClung Park

Get some great pictures of downtown and the river valley

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 1.553 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Nellie McClung Park is a nature park which connects Queen Elizabeth Park to Henrietta Louise Edwards park. Great for walking and... more »

Tips:  -Bring some water
-Bring a camera for the great shots of downtown Edmonton

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Points of Interest

1. Parking along 91st Ave

Parking here brings you to the trailhead for Nellie McClung park

2. The bike trails

Shared trails in this park. Watch out for bikers!

3. Downtown Edmonton View

Looking upriver. One of the many great views from this park.

4. back up onto the paved trails

There are a few ways to get back up on the paved trails from the bike paths

5. Boats on the North Saskatchewan

Boating of all types is becoming more popular in the river valley.

6. The trail system under the bridge

Follow the signs under the bridge deck to get to Henrietta Louise Edwards Park

7. A City of Edmonton Emergency Phone

The City of Edmonton has these Emergency Phones in many of its parks.

8. Paved trails

Great paved trails through the trees