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Louise McKinney Riverfront Park

Come vist Edmonton's signature downtown park

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.553 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Louise McKinney Riverfront Park is right in the heart of downtown Edmonton and is home to some of the greatest unobstructed views of... more »

Tips:  -Bring a camera
-There is parking off of Grierson Hill. Some is paid parking, but there is also a free paring lot. The free lot fills... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Jump off point in Riverdale

Free parking and good access to Louise McKinney Riverfront Park.

2. Capilano Pedestrian Bridge

This pedestrian bridge is a connection to Henrietta Louise Edwards Park and to the Muttart

3. One of many rose gardens

As you climb up into the park, you will pass through multiple rose gardens.

4. The spectacular river valley

One of the great unobstructed views of the river valley from this park

5. Chinese Gardens Edmonton, Alberta

This beautiful Chinese garden was built in 2007 to celebrate Chinese heritage and the contributions that the Chinese community has made to Canada since the early 19th century.

6. Chinese Temple Edmonton, Canada

Another feature in the beautiful Chinese garden.

7. Ukrainian Shumka Stage

This Shumka stage was a gift from the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers to celebrate the City of Edmonton's ongoing commitment to the promotion of the arts.

8. Another stunning river valley viewpoint

Bring your camera

9. The Shaw Convention Centre

The Shaw Convention Centre looking out over the river valley.

10. Riverfront plaza and promenade

An inviting promenade above the riverbank, which provides a winter shelter for cross-country skiers and includes a public washroom facility for trail users, park patrons and riverfront activities. There is also a cafe here with refreshments, segway and sporting goods rentals.

11. Edmonton River Queen Edmonton, Alberta

To ride the paddleboat, you have to cross the pedestrian bridge

12. Steps down to the river valley

Nice, quiet location to enjoy the river

13. Peaceful North Saskatchewan

A view from the rest area

14. Trans Canada Trail Pavilion

One of the many pavilions built across Canada to thank the many donors who are helping to build the Trans-Canada trail

15. A City of Edmonton Emergency Phone

The City of Edmonton has 19 of these phones scattered across its parks.

16. Beautiful and historic Riverdale

Riverdale is a beautiful and historic community just steps from downtown.