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Queen Elizibeth Park

A favourite family picnic location

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.616 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Queen Elizibeth Park is a favourite neighbourhood spot for family picnics. It is also a gateway for bikers and joggers to access many ... more »

Tips:  -Water is a good idea
-Nice shaded areas to take a break by the picnic area
-Good photo opportunities of the river valley

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Points of Interest

1. photo32.jpg

2. Parking lot at Walterdale Park

Looking south at the Kinsmen Recreation Centre

3. Queen Elizabeth Pool

The newly opened Queen Elizabeth Pool.

4. Homestead House

AN example of a homestead house from the 19th century. This is just across form the Walterdale Museum.

5. Under the Walterdale bridge

Passing under the Walterdale Bridge. Surprisingly good photo shots form here.

6. The Rossdale Plant

This plant is now being demolished.

7. Looking downtown

Downtown Edmonton and the Walterdale Bridge

8. Heading up the paved trail into QE Park

The gravel trail is still usable, but at the time of writing the far end was closed by the City of Edmonton.

9. Picnic areas

The first of many picnic areas in QE Park.

10. Main picnic and kids area

Just above the playground and picnic tables, is the parking lot for this park.

11. Looking across at the city

Great views form this side of the river

12. The junction between QE Park and Nellie McClung Park

You can park on this road and go into Nellie McClung Park.

13. Crossing over to the Kinsmen Centre

Watch out for traffic as this is a busy area.

14. Hey, a Gretzky sighting

The main sign for the Kinsmen Sports Centre