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William Hawrelak Park Riverside Walk

Take a great walk by the riverside

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.231 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Hawrelak Park is one of Edmonton's busiest parks. It is a very accessible park for all ages and all levels of mobility. It is also a... more »

Tips:  -Something to drink is a must
-There are two trail when you get by the river, one for off leash dogs and one for everyone else.
-bug... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Jumpoff point

Just heading out from picnic site #2

2. Walking along Hawrelak Park

nice trail system all through this park

3. A telus payphone

Kind of rare these days, but here is a pay phone

4. Crossing the roads

An example of some of the signage that will lead you safely to Emily Murphy.

5. The path under the overpass

There is a path under the bridge

6. The Royal Mayfair Golf & County Club

Beautiful Golf Course

We are almost back to the trail system.

8. Statue of Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy was a prominent suffragist and reformer. In 1917, she spearheaded the fight to have women declared "persons" in Canada and, therefore, eligible to serve in the Senate. She is one of the "Famous Five."

9. Restroom, stage left

There is a restroom here if need be.

10. Ahhh, back on the trails

From here on in, you will be on the trail system.

11. Canoe Launch location

There is a public canoe launch just below here.

12. The trail around the golf course

Very nice trail system

Here and there, the trees will part and you will get some great views.

14. The trails around the golf course

Occasionally, you will see a sign indicating a horse trail (or not). You can rent horses down at the Whitemud Equine Centre.

15. Another North Saskatchewan viewpoint

The river is running extremely high this year due to a lot of rainfall

16. heading up!

Some brisk walking uphill and you are back into Hawrelak Park

17. Nice straightaway

You are just behind the picnic areas here and on a trail that leads down to Whitemud Ravine and Fort Edmonton park

18. Hawrelak Park Pedestrian Bridge

This is a very large pedestrian bridge that takes you over the river into Buena Vista park.

19. A City of Edmonton Emergency Phone

The City of Edmonton has these phones in many of its parks.