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Buena Vista Park Riverside Stroll

Walk along the river in beautiful Buena Vista Park

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.491 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Stating from the parking lot in Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park, you quickly enter the riverside trail area. This is a great, relaxing walk ... more »

Tips:  -This is an off leash area for pets, so be aware of pets in the area

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Points of Interest

Kick off point with easy access to the trail system

2. Riverside trail access point

Here is the jump off point for this walk. If you head to the left, you will find the boat launch.

3. Right on the river

There is nothing like a sunny day for a stroll on the river.

4. Warning sign!

The City of Edmonton does a great job maintaining the trail system, so please take these kinds of signs seriously.

5. Edmonton Rowing Club Boathouse

Nice building for the rowing club. You can find their website link on the guide page.

6. Boats

Ready for the river!

7. View from the dock

The ERC has a nice dock you and your pet can step out on.

8. Another river access point

Here is another spot to take your pet

9. River Views Abound!

This is a very nice walk with great views

10. The gravel path through the park

This is a well maintained path that is shared by all park users

11. The ERC Entry

The front entry point for the Edmonton Rowing Club