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An Afternoon in Toronto's Cabbagetown Neighbourhood

Book-ended by lunch & dinner, a walking tour of the historic neighbourhood including a visit to Riverdale Park.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.3 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Cabbagetown was the first neighbourhood in Toronto to really catch the gentrification bug, going from a largely rundown area to one... more »

Tips:  This walking tour would be best done on a Tuesday afternoon between late May & late October in order to enjoy the Farmers Market. ... more »

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Points of Interest

This cute little café is about a 3 block walk north up Parliament Street from the streetcar stop. Friendly, quirky, and serving up delicious food, we think this is a great place to make your introduction to Cabbagetown while giving you the sustenance you'll want for the walk. It's located on the east side of the street.

Oh...don't order coffee... More

Jet Fuel rocks! We don't know how else to say it. Feel free to chill for a while if the mood strikes you, but no need to worry about anyone's hurt feelings if you grab a coffee & dash. That's what couriers (bike messengers) have been doing at this uber-cool café for years now.

519 Parliament Street, Toronto, ON
(416) 968-9982

3. Winchester Street & Sackville Street

Coffee in hand, head back north to the corner of Parliament & Winchester. If the mood strikes you and the season is right, cross over to the NW corner to Fairway Market and have a quick look through their outdoor garden centre (and check out the Elvis busts in their front window while you're at it!) While you're on that corner, look diagonally... More

4. Wellesley Cottages

When Sackville St. hits Wellesley St. E turn left then take the first right on the north side of the street into a laneway named Wellesley Cottages. You will be led back about 120 years into a little mews of workers' cottages. Remarkable for their feeling of a small village, it's hard to imagine that much of the area must have at one time had this... More

5. Alpha Avenue

When you hit Sackville, turn left and walk a few paces up to Alpha Avenue, a dead end street on your left, and another example of simple little workers' houses that once made up the fabric of the area. Follow Sackville back to Wellesley St E and turn left, heading further east into the neighbourhood.

6. Wellesley Street E & Sumach Street

Follow Wellesley Street E until you reach the corner of Sumach Street, which only runs south (right turn) from Wellesley. Head down Sumach until you reach the corner of Amelia St.

Amelia only runs one more block to the east at this point, and if you're not pressed for time it's worth walking down that block, and taking a closer look at the row... More

7. Spruce Court

Built a century ago, Spruce Court was one of the first public housing projects in Toronto. It was designed in the English Tudor style in a period when the Arts & Crafts movement was in vogue. The project saw the construction of several buildings housing spacious apartments clustered around a couple of pretty courts. Today the project operates ... More

From Spruce Court, retrace your steps up Sumach to Carlton and turn right along the pretty row of houses facing Riverdale Park. At the end of the block cross into the park. At this point you are on the lip if the Don River Valley- down below you can see the playing fields- but we're staying on high ground.

Follow the path which diagonally... More

If you've never gone sightseeing in a cemetery before, the idea might creep you out a bit. However, if you're the slightest bit interested in history, anthropology, or even just a fan of a pretty park, then this is a place you'll want to check out.

Necropolis is one of the oldest cemeteries in Toronto (1850), and dates from the time when it was ... More

If you're taking this walking tour on a Tuesday after mid-May & before late October, you'll find the Farmers' Market in full swing between the hours of 3:00 & 7:00PM. While you may or may not be in the market for some poultry or meat, you'll probably see some bread, cheese, or fresh tomatoes that would make a tasty snack at some point in... More

11. Winchester Street & Sackville Street

After taking in the Farmers Market you may already be starting to get a little hungry again, so let's get going on the final stretch before dinner.

Leaving Riverdale Park head west on Winchester St. then turn left to head south down Sackville Street. Along Winchester there are numerous beautiful homes and yards, including several with historic... More

12. Carlton Street & Metcalf Street

The block of Carlton Street between Sackville and Metcalfe Streets has some of the most stately homes in Cabbagetown. Whereas on the sidestreets most homes are row houses with postage stamp sized front yards, these babies are set back on lawns, some even with driveways. Mind you, we're not talking about suburban estates, but compared to the... More


F'Amelia is the kind of great eating place that everyone wishes they had in their own neighbourhood. It's casual and familiar, it's well patronized by locals, and it serves great food. We've only been in the colder weather, but it also has a knock-out terrace at the front that would be perfect on a summer's evening.

As the name suggests, F'Amelia... More