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Hanes Valley

A full day one way hike from Lynn Valley to the top of Grouse mountain via Hanes Valley and its treacherous scree slope
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 11.2 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  This challenging day trail offers a variety of attractions and terrain types, from the touristy Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge and top ... more »

Tips:  - Bears also use this trail so bring bear bells and bear spray
- Black flies and mosquitoes can be a problem so bug spray is a must
- ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Bus #228 Lynn Valley Peters Road Stop

If taking the bus to the trail head get of at the Peters Road stop and follow the signs to Lynn Canyon Park.

At the entrance of Lynn Canyon park is the Lynn Canyon cafe which has washroom facilities and a cafe. The major attraction of Lynn Canyon park is the 50 meter high suspension bridge over Lynn Canyon. It is possible to get to the trail head from both sides of the Canyon but this guide recommends the east side of the Canyon which has better... More

3. Varley Trail Head

Cross the bridge and follow the Varley Trail to the Lynn Headwaters Park entrance. The Valey Trail is named after Frederick Varley a famous Canadian painter whose work was influenced by the beauty of Lynn Valley.

4. Lynn Valley Regional Park Headquarters

This is the parking for the trail head, there are also washroom facilities. During heavy rainfall the creek crossings on the trail my not be passable so make sure to check the board for trail conditions and bear sightings.

5. Cedar mills / Lynn Loop / Headwaters trail junction

Here you have the option to take either the Cedar mills or headwaters trail. This guide suggests taking the Cedar mills trail which passes a historic logging mill site closed in 1927. This trail passes remains from the mill and provides a different perspective on the history of the trail.

6. Third Debris Chute

Both the Cedar Mills trail and headwaters trail arrive at the third debris chute. From the cedar mills trail you will arrive a large clearing but be able to see a signpost to the far right (east).

7. Metal Suspension bridge

This bridge is hardly necessary in late season as Norvan creek is nearly dry but is indispensable during high snow melt. If you want to see Norvan falls before continuing to Grouse mountain then don’t cross the bridge just yet and turn right up the hill about 5 minutes to see the falls before moving on.

8. Norvan Falls

This is a good place to take a rest and some photos before continuing up Hanes Valley. To continue backtrack to the metal suspension bridge cross Norvan creek and follow the trail through the second growth forest.

9. Start of the Lynn Lake Trail

The Lynn Lake trail continues upwards towards to the north. For the Hanes Valley Route follow the trail downwards to a group of logs acting as a bridge over a fast flowing creek.

10. Helicopter Landing Site

This is the foot of treacherous scree slope which you follow to the crown pass. Often the trail was marked with Orange ribbons but this may not always be the case. You can clearly see your destination from the helicopter drop off area. The trail continues to the south west at the top of the scree between goat mountain on the left and crown... More

11. Trail head from Grouse Mountain

This is where the trail starts if you take the opposite route starting at Grouse mountain. There is a board with current trail information and hiker registration. To take the Skyride down Grouse Mountain follow the road to the lodge to purchase tickets.

Although there is parking at the Lynn Headwaters Park entrance, there is no bus access. So, if driving to the trail it is easier to return to the vehical if parked at the Lynn Canyon park. The parking lot fills up quickly on weekends but assuming the hike is started early in the day there should be space.