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Western Yar Circular Walk

A walk around the beautiful Western Yar estuary on the Isle of Wight.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Welcome to the Western Yar Estuary

The Western Yar is a fascinating estuary with a wealth of wildlife and heritage.

The Western Yar ... more »

Tips:  The route of the walk takes in woodland, farmland, a short section on a quiet road and then follows the route of the old railway line ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Dinghy Park

2. View to Yarmouth Bridge

3. The Green

4. Coastal defence

5. View from Yarmouth Bridge to Norton

6. View from Yarmouth Bridge to Yarmouth

7. View to Mill Copse.

8. View to Saltern Wood.

9. View down the estuary to Mill Copse.

10. Sand Store

11. View south east to Mill Copse.

12. View across Norton Spit to Yarmouth.

13. View to Norton across reed beds.

14. Lapwings.

15. Entrance to Saltern Wood.

16. Path through Saltern Wood.

17. Path through Saltern Wood.

18. View south east towards the central chalk downs.

19. Venture an architect designed property.

20. Path leaving Saltern Wood.

21. Radar key gate.

22. Buzzard in tree top.

23. Path at edge of copse.

24. Kissing gate in woods.

25. Wide path.

26. View north east back to Yarmouth.

27. Arable fields.

28. Path close to King's Manor.

29. Path close to King's Manor.

30. Hawthorn.

31. Hebridean Sheep at King's Manor Farm.

32. Hebridean Sheep at King's Manor.

33. Sign for King's Manor Farm Shop.

34. View west to Golden Hill Fort.

35. Elm.

36. Arable fields and estuary in distance.

37. Footpath signs.

39. View over arable fields to the estuary.

40. Winter wheat

41. Winter wheat.

42. Church yard.

43. All Saints Church.

45. World War II Pillarbox

46. All Saints Church from the Causeway.

47. Causeway Bridge.

48. Reed beds looking south towards Freshwater from the Causeway.

49. Black headed Gull.

50. Causeway looking west to All Saints Church.

51. Ducks at the Causeway

52. Western Yar

53. View back to the Causeway.

54. Shaggy Inkcap.

55. Interpretation board.

56. Hedgerow with older laying.

57. Walk 4 Life waymarker.

58. Old Railway line.

59. Old Railway Line.

60. Wet woodland.

61. Lichen

62. Reedbeds alongside the Old Railway line.

63. Lichen

64. Old Railway Line

65. Looking northwards towards Yarmouth.

66. View north towards Yarmouth.

67. Old Railway fenceline.

68. Western Yar

69. Little Egret.

70. Brent Geese.

71. Wading birds

72. View north to Yarmouth.

73. Barnsfield Stream.

74. Brent Geese

75. Lapwing Song

76. Curlew song

77. Old Railway Line near Mill Copse.

78. Spindleberry.

79. Sign post close to Mill Copse.

81. View to Yarmouth Mill

82. Yarmouth Mill.

83. View to Yarmouth Mill

84. View down the Western Yar to Freshwater