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Hills and Hoppers - Yalding

Medway Valley Rail Trails

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6.2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This walk goes through the picturesque village of Yalding and up the hills across farmland. There are some long climbs but the views... more »

Tips:  Distance: 6.2 miles/10km. Can be extended by another 3.1 miles/5km
Time: 2 1/2 hours approximately (3 1/2 hours with extension).
... more »

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Points of Interest

Yalding Fen contains fen habitats, woodland, willow carr, ponds and a traditional orchard. This variety of habitats is home to a range of wildlife. When walking through the site keep your eyes opend for a variety of birdlife or a grass snake swimming across one of the ponds.

2. Yalding Bridge

This 15th centuty bridge is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and at 150 yards (137 metres) it is the longest medieval bridge in Kent.

3. River Beult

This river flows over Wealden Clay; much of its associated flora and fauna remains, meaning the river has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

4. War Memorial

The Yalding War Memorial is to commemorate the men of Yalding who lost their lives in both the Second and First World Wars.

5. Buston Manor

This manor was owned by the de Burston family between the 13th and 14th centuries, it is on of three ancient manor houses in Hunton.


From this hill you can take in the picturesque views across Yalding and the surrounding countryside.

7. Hoppers Huts

These huts on your left were built in 1880 to provide accommodation for the annual hop pickers. Although the row was designed for around 24 seasonal workers, these houses were often overcrowded. Previously, accommodation had not been provided.

8. Views of the Medway Valley

From here you can enjoy lovely views of the medway valley.

9. Bow Bridge

The river Medway flows underneath Bow Bridge. The river goes through Maidstone and Tonbridge and then out to sea.

You can finish your walk here, perhaps with a beverage in the neighbouring Railway Public House. Alternatively you can continue along the riverside path with the river on your right hand side, past Bow Bridge Marina and towards Teston following the Teston River Walk.