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Amsterdam Bijlmer tour

An urban trip, away from the beaten track
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 10.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  Starting point: Hoekenrode Square on the east side of the Amsterdam Bijlmer train station.

End point: Arena Boulevard, at the west... more »

Tips:  The trip goes through an urban area with many shops and restaurants. Most shops are closed on Sunday so you might want to bring water ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Haag en Veld

Buildings like Haag en Veld and Hofgeest were completely renovated at the beginning of the century. The public space around them also has been improved.

2. Drug user day care center

Certain parts of the Bijlmer long have been notorious because of drug trafficking.

Here, next to the Gulden Kruis bicycle path, is a day center for drug users. Addicts can use their drugs inside and get shelter.

This is a temporary place; a new building is scheduled to be built.

3. Bijlmerpark Theater

Opened in 2009, the Bijlmerpark Theater has been nominated for several architectural awards but has never won a prize.

The theater overlooks the Bijlmerpark, which was closed for redesign at the time of this review.

4. Church center 'De Nieuwe Stad'

At Luthuliplein, this building serves several religious communities, which is common in Bijlmer.

5. Les Pisseurs d'Amsterdam ('Tayouken Piss')

You'll find this group of statues by Pascale Tayou under the viaduct. They are self-portraits of the artist, head to toe, posing as the famous Brussels statue "Manneken Pis."

The colors of the six statues—red, white, blue, green, yellow and black—are based on the national flags of Cameroon, the Netherlands and Belgium.

6. Bijlmermonument

This memorial site commemorates the victims of the El Al Boeing, which crashed into the buildings Groeneveen and Kruitberg on Oct. 4 1992. The tree is nicknamed "the tree that saw everything."

This park area is also called Bijlmer Museum because the original layout of the public space has been left intact to a large degree, following the design... More

7. Mother Earth

On the little island in the pond stands the statue "Mother Earth," or "Ma Aisa."

8. Taibah Mosque

This is the only mosque in the Bijlmer. The mosque is Surinamese/Pakistani.

9. Redemption Faith Ministries

One of the many churches in the Bijlmer.

10. Remnant of a honeycomb flat

Many of Bijlmer's large buildings have been completely torn down, but remnants like this can be found.

The high-rises were nicknamed honeycomb flats because of their shape. Seen from the air, they resembled honeycombs.

11. Shopping mall Kraaiennest

This is one of the neighborhood's older shopping malls, which has seen better days. On Tuesdays and Fridays there is a street market next to the building (along Karspeldreef).

12. Goed Geluimdhof

New street, nicely decorated with some palm trees.

13. De Toevlucht bird asylum

Hidden amongst the trees you'll find De Toevlucht, a bird asylum that also cares for hedgehogs.
Monday-Friday 9-4
Saturday 9-3

14. Children's Zoo Bijlmerweide

To be visited from Tuesday till Sunday, 8.30am to 5pm.

15. Gouden Leeuw

One of the older residential buildings in the Bijlmer (1974/1975). This enormous complex has one visitor entrance for the 400 (privately owned) apartments. Next to it is another such residential complex, Groenhoven (431 apartments). As these buildings have never been social rentals, the typical Bijlmer problems did not occur, and the buildings... More

16. De Kandelaar

'The Candelabrum': collective building for a number of religious organizations (the high-rise building with orange bricks and coloured windows).

17. Children's Zoo de Gliphoeve

Monday-Friday 12-5

18. Gravestein/Geldershoofd

Renovated in the 1980s, these are the only two remaining complete honeycomb high-rises.

19. New Bethel Revival Ministries

One of the religious groups still residing in an old building.

20. The Holy Order of Cherubim and Seraphim Church

Hidden in an old parking garage, this is another example of a religious group making use of a derelict building.

21. Remnant of a park area

Although a new residential building is planned for this area, the start date is unclear because of economic uncertainty. This is an example of Bijlmer's original park spaces.

22. Frissenstein

The Frissenstein building looks like a brand-new high-rise but in fact it is a completely renovated (2004) section of the old honeycomb Frissenstein. All apartments are now privately owned.

23. Martin Ennalsplein

This spot used to be one of Bijlmer's dedicated bicycle paths (Reigersbospad), running through a tunnel under the Bijlmerdreef (the road above). This design aimed at separating slow traffic from fast traffic. Since the dark bicycle tunnels were deemed unsafe, engineers decided to make two zigzagging slopes on both sides of the Bijlmerdreef.

Note:... More

24. Anton de Komplein

This square hosts a street market Mondays and Thursdays. It was named after Anton de Kom, a communist member of the resistance during World War II who originated from Suriname (a Dutch colony at the time). He died in 1944 in a German concentration camp.

25. Amsterdamse Poort

This is the biggest shopping mall in Amsterdam. (Cycling is not permitted here.)

26. ING bank building

Bijlmerplein Square is dominated by the ING building, nicknamed the "Sand Castle." It is one of the most famous examples of organic architecture in the Netherlands.

On this square you can find the bicycle lane Abcouderpad, at 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) the longest dedicated bicycle lane in Amsterdam, and the only completely intact bicycle lane... More

The Amsterdam ArenA stadium is the home of the Amsterdam soccer club Ajax. The building dates from 1996.

This is the site of the concert venue Ziggo Dome, scheduled to open in 2012.

29. Villa Arena

The largest shopping mall for home decoration in the Netherlands.

30. Arena Boulevard

Shoppers will find mega stores along this street along with the Heineken Music Hall and the Pathé Cinema (the only one in Amsterdam with an Imax screen).

This train station was the second station built in Amsterdam. It has recently been completely renovated and enlarged.