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The Devils Coach Road from Carrick Little Car Park

A steep accent of the very well known Devil's Coach Road Gully on Slieve Beg in the Mourne Mountains.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 9.942 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  This is a circular full day hike that starts and finishes in the Carrick Little car park. There is plenty of parking here, however the... more »

Tips:  Raingear.

A helmet is advisable on the Devil's Coach Road, as there is a lot of loose rock....and it only takes one of them.

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Points of Interest

1. Carrack Little car park

The start and end of the walk. If the car park is full there is usually parking to be found on the road.

2. Path along Annalong forest

3. Right turn for Slieve Beg!

Having left Carrick Little you basically hug the fence along Annalong wood. You will come to a junction in the path. Veer right to head away from Slieve Binnian. This trails leads you towards the Coachroad!

4. Foot of the Devil's Coachroad

At the foot of the Coachroad you will see a distinct path leading steeply upwards. If you slightly pass the start of this, and then cut back left it makes for easier going. Please note the trail here is very steep with loose rock. Caution needed.

5. Top of the Coachroad

The last 10m of the Devil's Coachroad Gully is perhaps the most difficult. We had advice to keep to the left near the top. This route will bring you to a tight V in the rocks which involves some "creative" manoeuvres to overcome the last few metres of rock. The top of the Gully is pretty much the top of Slieve Beg, take a well earned break. Again ... More

6. Saddle between Slieve Beg and Cove

There is a river to fiord having descended Slieve Beg heading towards Cove Mountain. This is usually a very easy crossing with stones and a short hop. The path rises again steeply to climb towards the summit of Cove Mountain.

7. Summit of Cove Mountain

It's a steep walk up to the summit, and a long decent into the saddle between Cove and Lamagan. If you are tired at this point and fancy an escape route, head left (east) off the path to join another path. This path loops around Lamagan, avoiding another steep climb!

8. Summit of Slievelamagan

The accent and decent of Slievelamagan are fairly steep, but again not very long. The path down into the saddle between Lamagan and Slieve Binnian can be hard to find, but once in the saddle the paths are well trodden!

9. Saddle between Binnian and Slievelamagan

At this point you want to be turning left and heading back towards Blue Lough and the point where you first left the trail to head towards the coachroad.

10. Blue Lough