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Mealagh Woods

4.5Km loop woodlands and river walk with Wedge Tomb near Bantry, Co. Cork.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.796 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Mealagh Woods is about 4.5km long and located near Bantry, Co. Cork., Ireland. The trail is great for walking and normally takes 1... more »

This woodland walk is part of the Mealagh section which connects the Sheeps Head Way to the Beara Way. The route takes you through deciduous woodlands and along the bank of the Mealagh River, taking in an ancient wedge tomb.

A new loop route is now open with bridges crossing the river at two points to make a pleasant 3km loop walk. 

Well behaved dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a lead near the river so as not to disturb otters. If they soil the path, please kick their droppings to one side. 

There are three start points with car parking. On the southside, the entrance is shown near the road at Barnagowlanes, you can drive down the track to a car park at the bottom (the next waymark on the route map). There is also a car park on the Coomleagh side at the western entrance into the woods, and a small pull in at the eastern entrance.

There is a second small loops within the walk which brings you by the Barnagowlanes Wedge Tomb. This route is slightly boggy, is worth the extra few yards in dry conditions. 
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You'll need either walking boots or wellies in wet weather, and some loops in the route are not suitable in very wet conditions as the river can flood. 
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