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Shopping with Teenagers

From Paddy's Market to Sydney Westfield and Tower
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Sydney has myriad shopping opportunities to tantalize your family, including those discerning teenage members. This tour showcases the... more »

Tips:  Wednesday to Sunday is the best time to go since our first stop, Paddy's Market, is open only on these days.

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Points of Interest

Haymarket is a bustling commercial precinct that is located on the southern fringe of the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). Paddy's Market, our starting point, has been associated with the area for more than 150 years. The market offers fruit, vegetables, clothing, CDs, flowers, toys, housewares, sunglasses, jewelry and souvenirs.

Teenagers... More

2. Dixon Street, the heart of Chinatown

Return to the intersection of Thomas and Hay streets to locate our next POI. Cross the road, turn left, pass by the Covent Garden Hotel on your right and walk a few meters until you see the Chinese-style ceremonial arch or paifang. This marks the entrance to the southern end of Dixon Street.

The Dixon Street strip between Goulburn and Hay... More

From Dixon Street turn right onto Goulburn Street to find this POI.

Mamak Restaurant offers yummy Malaysian food with authentic spices. Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indians as well as Westerners choose to eat here for that reason. It's fun to watch the chefs making roti from the glass window outside even if you don't eat here.

Generally, there... More

4. Quirky Asian fashion, Sussex Street

From Mamak Restaurant on Goulburn Street, take the first left onto Sussex Street and continue to walk in a northerly direction toward Liverpool Street to find this POI.

Due to the mix of Australian-born and Asian youth going to the University of Sydney in nearby Camperdown or the University of Technology in Ultimo, Chinatown and its environs have... More

5. The Spanish Quarter (optional)

The Spanish Quarter is located along Liverpool Street mainly between Sussex and Pitt streets.

For decades Liverpool Street and the corner of Kent Street were places for sangria, paella and flamenco but now all of this is gradually being engulfed by Chinatown, mainly due to the aging of Sydney's Spanish population.

If you feel like a bite of... More

From the Spanish Quarter, keep walking in an easterly direction toward George Street and then cross the road. You are now at World Square Shopping Centre. Teenagers will find JB Hi Fi, Australia's Napoleon Perdis cosmetics, Rebel Sport, Sony and well-known fashion retailers all here under the one gigantic roof.

If you are hungry, the best thing... More

7. Kinokuniya Bookstore

As you leave World Square, continue along George Street in a northerly direction. On your left you will soon notice the Event Cinema complex. Keep walking and cross over Bathurst Street, staying on George Street. You should soon come across the beautiful Sydney Town Hall (a family photo opportunity) and a Woolworths supermarket on the corner of... More

OK, retrace your steps slightly and head over to the Queen Victoria Building to find Hobbyco.

The Queen Victoria Building was built in 1898 and was formerly Sydney's marketplace. It is an architectural jewel with its ornate sandstone, stained glass and Romanesque dome.

The upper floors feature a number of exhibits and attractions that are well... More


Now exit the Queen Victoria Building via ground level, Market Street. Diagonally across the road on your right is the Myer department store, and if you look up you should also see the Sydney Tower soaring just beyond. Walk up Market Street until you reach Pitt Street Mall and then enter the Sydney Westfield.

This recently revitalized shopping... More