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Hugh Jackman’s Sydney

The dashing actor from Down Under names his favorite spots in Australia’s biggest city.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Full day

Overview :  While Baz Luhrmann’s film Australia is set mainly in the Top End, Sydney makes an important appearance. Here, the star of the movie,... more »

Tips:  Sydney is mild year-round, but late spring and early fall have temperatures around 75 degrees and scarcely any rain.

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Points of Interest

Established in 1827, this natural history and environmental sciences museum is a favorite for family outings. The institution also has an excellent indigenous Australian collection.

6 College St.
Sydney, New South Wales


This lovely coastal walk begins at Ben Buckler Point, on the northern end of Bondi Bay, and winds south for two miles along sandstone cliffs and white-sand beaches, ending at Waverley Cemetery. Don’t miss the Aboriginal rock carvings, such as the shark and whale south of Mackenzies Point. The path is paved and level (i.e., you don’t need to be an ... More

Seaplanes make dramatic landings right in front of this restaurant, a modern glass-and-steel space on the eastern harbor foreshore in Rose Bay. (Rose Bay was the original site of Australia’s first international airport, where Qantas’s PBY Catalina-class flying boats landed during the 1930’s.) Order the fresh-shucked Sydney rock oysters and the... More

4. Kayak in Rose Bay

Home to the Woollahra Sailing Club, this eastern harborfront is packed on weekends with sailing yachts, outrigger canoes, and kayaks. From October to May, paddle into the harbor in your rented kayak.

Sydney, New South Wales

5. Sydney Harbour National Park

This patchwork of urban green spaces protects most of the city’s foreshore and islands. Hermitage Foreshore Walk, a mile-long trail, reveals vest-pocket beaches, hidden coves, and rock outcroppings along Rose Bay in Woollahra.

Sydney, New South Wales