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Tasmania SE Richmond to Bicheno on Forestry roads

A day in the forests and farmland of SE Tasmania on little used back roads
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 147.762 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  There are 2 main routes to travel between St Helens and Hobart.

1. Up the Midlands Highway and across on either the Fingall/Avoca... more »

Tips:  I would strongly recommend taking a GPS navigator with you to get you out of the bush if you want to abbreviate this journey. At times... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Craigbourne dam

This is an optional stop. It could be a nice spot for a break and a cuppa, a chance to let the kids run around for a while. If you have the permit and gear, reasonable fish can be caught here.
A few rules and regulations are printed on a sign near the water.

2. Lost falls walk/lookout and picnic area

The road into Lost Falls is clearly sign posted. We followed an old map and ended up in a forestry coup and a track blocked with a fallen tree and had to retreat to the main road and then found the new entrance.
There is a basic picnic area, a short walk to a look out over the coast, and a track down to the falls and a viewing area.
The falls only... More

3. Meetus falls walk/lookout and picnic area

Meetus falls have the viewing platform in a good position to see the falls, and there is a walk down to the river.
The area is surrounded in nice forest and is well worth the short trip in.
The track in is not recorded on this trip, these photos were taken some months ago and the location was obtained from our track from that trip.

4. Hardings falls walk/lookout and picnic area

The falls are a short walk from the picnic area. The track is easy to follow, but the climb down to the falls means you should be sure footed and reasonably fit.
These falls are in the most spectacular amphitheatre carved into the rock by the river erosion. It would be spectacular after a decent rain.
The picnic area has a table and long drop... More