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Peep-o-Day Driving Route on The Country Road

An alternative driving route off SH1 between Taupo and Wellington. Dramatic, steep hill country. Spectacular views.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 37.8 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  If you like to take your time when you travel, have a campervan or a bike, this route on The Country Road will take you away from... more »

Tips:  Fill your car before you head out on this route as there are no petrol stations. Bring the camera to take some of the expansive and... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Cheltenham, manawatu

This small settlement just north of Feilding is a great place for travellers to stop off for a meal at the local pub, use the public toilets in the hall, buy an ice cream from the dairy or have a picnic at the rest area.

2. Woodland Grange

This park-like woodland garden located in the township of Kimbolton, which has a lush environment suited to hydrangeas, camellias and rhododendrons. This garden is a popular wedding venue and has an onsite chapel. Open all year by appointment. T: +64 6 328 9667 A: 19 Grammar Street, Kimbolton

3. Peep-o-Day Point

The namesake of this driving route and the first place in the area to see the morning sun. Stunning high country scenery with deep valleys and rugged hills with pointy tops. Over 450m above sea level.

4. Historic Pemberton Corner

The location of the original settlement of the Rangiwahia district.

'Put the small man on the land' was the political slogan of the 1880s.  From it came the 1885 Land Act that created the Special Settlement Scheme to develop 'Waste Lands' in New Zealand.

In May 1885, the Pemberton Small Farms Association took up the Pemberton Block of... More

5. Mangaweka Campground

Mangaweka Campground is a dog-friendly and well-equpped riverside camping ground and motorcamp with adventure activities, swimming and fishing.  Coin operated showers, a full kitchen, barbecues, fire pit and an event field. T: +64 6 382 5744

6. Mangaweka Gallery

Mangaweka Gallery and Homestay is housed in an historic church in the small township of Mangaweka on SH1.

Gallery: Mangaweka "Yellow Church" Gallery is housed in a distinctive turn of the century former church building. Award winning resident, Richard Aslett's work is complimented by other New Zealand artists, with regular group and solo... More