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Woodman Point Regional Park

Bush at the beach

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Overview :  Woodman Point has had a chequered history. It has been a failed settlement, a quarantine station and an explosives reserve. Now a... more »

Tips:  Woodman Point Regional Park is located within the City of Cockburn approximately 20km or 30 minutes drive south of Perth City.

Access... more »

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Points of Interest

1. John Graham Reserve

The most popular area within the park is John Graham Reserve, where facilities such as barbecues, grassed areas, toilets, superb boat-shaped playground and the adjoining Magazine Jetty promotes continued use by families and picnic groups.

2. Magazine Jetty

One of the park’s main attractions is the Magazine Jetty, about 9km south of Fremantle. With maximum depth of about 7m, it offers an excellent dive site, as long as divers take care to avoid fishing lines dangling on either side of the jetty.

The pier posts are covered with a great variety of invertebrate life. White, purple and pink sponges,... More

3. Ammunition Jetty

In 1942, during the Second World War, three munitions magazines were built to house explosives. The buildings still exist. The munitions magazines have significant heritage value, as no other similar structures were built in Western Australia.

The jetty has been closed until further notice due to storm damage.

4. Woodman Point lighthouse

The Woodman Point Lighthouse was built in 1902 to replace the Arthur Head Lighthouse. It provided shipping with a safe route via Gage Roads into the newly constructed Fremantle Harbour designed by C Y O'Connor.

5. Woodman Point Nature Reserve

Mainly because of the area’s history, Woodman Point has largely been spared from the frequent fires that have ravaged areas of remnant coastal vegetation elsewhere in the metropolitan area. As a result, Woodman Point’s vegetation features mature, well-developed specimens of summer-scented wattle, chenille honey-myrtle and quandong, and the... More

6. Southern breakwater

This is one of the most popular kite surfing and windsurfing destinations in the southern metropolitan area. Beachcombing and crabbing are also popular activities.

7. Woodman Point

The Aboriginal name for Woodman Point — Nyyerbup — was recorded in November 1848 by Robert Austin. Not much is known about Aboriginal use of the area and there are no recorded archaeological sites, but after European settlement, the area was used for beach camping. Aboriginal people used to collect mussels and catch cobblers there.

Woodman Point... More

8. Cockburn Cement Jetty

You can park here and walk up to Woodman Point along the sandy beach.

9. Woodman Point Recreation Camp Office

Woodman Point Recreation Camp first opened in 1979 when the then government purchased the site from the Commonwealth Quarantine Service for use as a recreation camp.

The State Government operated the camp with minimal staff until early 2004, when the Department of Sport and Recreation realised that the camping environment presented opportunities... More

10. The Cube

Managed by the Department of Sport and Recreation and completed in October 2007, the Woodman Point adventure training centre, known as 'The CUBE' is an modern, innovative roping facility designed for all ages and abilities. Activities available include rock climbing, climbing elements, high ropes and abseiling from several heights both indoors and... More

11. Plague or isolation hospital

In 1876, a few hectares at the tip of Woodman Point were designated as a quarantine station to isolate people arriving by sea who had contracted infectious diseases. The first recorded use of the station was in December 1886, by 127 passengers from the ship Elderslie, as there were two cases of scarlet fever aboard. An isolation hospital was one... More

12. Jervoise Bay Sailing Club and public boat launching facility

Public boat-launching facilities and private sailing clubs were established on the southern coast of Woodman Point after 1980.

The boat launch ramp at Jervoise Bay is one of the most valued in Perth, offering excellent access to Cockburn Sound and to nearby islands.

13. Jervoise Bay toilets and drinking fountain