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Mt. Redfield and Cliff Mountain

This detailed guide will take up two more 46er peaks without maintained trails to the top.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 17 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  This is a long day hike from Adirondack Loj and heart Lake to two 46er peaks without maintained trails to their summits. You'll pass ... more »

Tips:  Heart Lake Adirondack Loj Trailhead:
From Exit 30 take Route 73 towards Lake Placid for 26.5 miles. Take a left onto Adirondack Loj... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Adirondack Loj Heart Lake Trailhead

Parking here is $10 per day. Head on down the most traveled trail towards Marcy Dam after signing into the register.

2. Marcy Dam

There are a lot of campsites in this area if you'd like to make this a two day hike. You will start your loop hike from here and will return via a different trail to Marcy Dam again. Make sure to use bear canisters as black bears frequent the area. From here you want to head out on the trail towards Avalanche Pass which you will leave before you... More

3. Lake Arnold Trail

From here depart from the Avalanche Pass trail and head uphill towards Lake Arnold on the east side of Mt. Colden.

4. Trail Junction

There will be a trail heading off to your left to Indian Falls. Ignore it and keep heading towards Lake Arnold.

5. Lake Arnold

When you reach Lake Arnold you'll see the trail heading up Colden. Ignore this as you definitely won't want to add another big peak this hike... You'll start heading downhill from Lake Arnold until you reach the junction with the Feldspar Brook Trail.

6. East Slide on Colden

This was a new slide from the 90's. You'll pass by the debris at the base of it on your way.

7. Feldspar Brook Junction

This trail heads uphill along Feldspar Brook towards 4-corners between Skylight and Marcy. Ignore this trail and continue heading along the Calamity Brook Trail slightly downhill.

8. Off the maintained trail

From this junction follow an old trail to Uphill Brook lean-to. Use the track in this guide to find your way as this is where the tricky section off of maintained trails begins.

9. Uphill Brooke Lean-To

The herdpath to cliff heads off to the right a couple hundred yards before the Uphill Brook lean-to and may be hard to find. Trust the GPS track here as it is very accurate and use it to find the herdpath up Cliff. To climb Redfield continue on the herdpath that follows Uphill Falls Brook.

10. Summit of Cliff

You are now at the summit of this 3,944 foot 46er. Yes, it is a 46er because historically it was believed to be over 4,000 feet but more recent surveys have put it under. There are a few views through the trees on the way up and the true summit is the southern peak of the ridge (follow the track). Make sure to stay on the herdpath and follow... More

11. Mt. Redfield Summit

You are now on the 4,606 foot summit of this peak. There are no maintained trails to this summit, just like cliff, so make sure to stay on the herdpath and follow the accurate track in this guide carefully. There are some good views north on the way up and from the top there is a view south towards Allen. From here return exactly the same way... More