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Saddle Mountain - Oregon Coast Peak

A rewarding ascent of this peak in good weather provides views of Mt Hood, St Helens & Rainier from the coast.

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Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 1.8 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  The trail starts at an easy pace and begins zig-zaging after about 1 mile. The trail gets progressively steeper and more arduous as it... more »

Tips:  The Saddle Mountain State Park entrance is located just past mile post 10 going East on Hwy 26 from Seaside. The trail head is 7 mile ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Saddle Mountain State park Trail Head

This is where to park and start your hike. If you choose to stay and hike around the area or stay overnight for any reason there is a State Park campsite situated at the trail head.

Water and restrooms are available here

2. The Lower Trail

The lower trail starts off winding through the forest on a wide earth path. After a while you will reach the start of the zig-zags where the trail becomes a little steeper in places.

Please do not cut the zig-zags as this causes erosion on the banks above and below the trail. There is a table to sit at on the trail at a small landing area on one ... More

3. The Upper Trail

The upper trail is a little steeper than the lower part. In some places the trail has had erosion prevention carried out on it and so will have linked wire over the ground to prevent more erosion. This also helps for a sure footing....

Continue up the switch-backs until you reach a shallower gradient in a forested area. At the end of this section... More

4. The Saddle

From the saddle you will see views of the peak (a steep hike in front of you) and the rock towers that fall away from the side of the peak. There is a somewhat level area in the center of the saddle as well as a table to sit at and admire the view prior to the final ascent of the peak.

5. Saddle Mountain Summit

The hike to the summit from the saddle can take some time as it is quite steep. At the top on a good day the views are well worth the hike. The summit is ringed with a metal rail. DO NOT cross the rail for pictures... people have fallen to their deaths by doing so. A 360 degree view and a picnic table provide the opportunity for a memorable hike. ... More