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Base Of Auburn Dam

3.2 mile trail near Auburn, California - American River, Sacramento metro area
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 3.2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The hike to the Base Of Auburn Dam Site is about 3.2 miles long and located near Auburn, California. The trail is great for hiking and... more »

Tips:  Expect the return trip to take about 30% longer than the trip down to the river due to steep grades along some sections of the road.

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Points of Interest

1. START - Trail head is Gate 142

Park on Pacific Ave., just southwest of the gate.

2. Glimpse of the American River Canyon

3. Views of the American River

4. First View of the Auburn Dam Site

5. Getting closer

6. Hairpin Curve

7. American River Vista

8. Take the trail to the right of the guard rail.

Take the trail to the right of the guard rail. This trail runs almost parallel to the road, but just slightly more down hill.

9. Take a sharp right turn here and head straight down hill to the base of the dam

10. Dam Base

11. Follow the rocky riverbank downstream for a few yards

12. Turn Right (north) and head up hill a few yards to the first tree

13. Rest / Picnic Spot under Tree

Under this tree is a good place to rest or have a picnic lunch while enjoying the view.

From here, scamper of the grass hill towards the road.

14. Continue up hill toward the road, but stay left of small drainage ravine.

1. Continue up hill toward the road,
2. but stay left of small drainage ravine.
3. Cross this very small ravine when you can see the footpath you took earlier.
4.Then merge left onto the path and merge left again onto the paved road.
5. Follow the road uphill.

15. Looking back into the dam site

16. Views of the river and the road you just climbed - Continue uphill to trailhead