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Poon hill trek, Day 4

Annapurna 5-day trek to Poon Hill. Day 4: 7.2km, 700m down.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.474 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Todays destination is Ghandruk; a relatively short day, about 3 hours mostly downhill. You can consider continuing to Kimche. However ... more »


  • Hotel trekkers Inn and Annapurna hotel are arguably the nicest hotels in Ghandruk.
  • Stop over at the German bakery of Hotel Sakura (just below Trekkers Inn) for fresh cinnamon rolls and appel-crumble in the afternoon.
  • Kimche has hardly any guest houses, so stay in Ghandruk.

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Points of Interest

1. Tadapani

Get up early for the best view on the Annapurna range.

2. Hotel Panorama

Besides a solar heated shower, they also have a gas-gyser heated one.

3. Bhasi Khara

Bhasi Khara is a small settlement just after a beautiful gorge, where the trail goes down steeply.

4. Lonely pl. Restaurant

This restaurant has nice & quick vegetable fried rice, ask for extra veggies. Alternatively there are a few restaurants before it as well.

5. Hotel trekkers inn

Very nice cosy hotel. The female owner has done much to help womens education in Ghandruk. She does her best to grow ecological vegetables and offers filtered water only -no bottles- to reduce the waste produced by the tourist trekkers.

6. Ghandruk

Offers several good hotels. Walk around to visit the local museum for an introduction into the local Gurung culture, and see the monastery and temple.