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Central District Shopping Tour

When in Hong Kong, do as the locals do: Shop!
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Hong Kong is one of the shopping capitals of the world. The offerings range from cheap goods and knickknacks to the best luxury items ... more »

Tips:  Bring your walking shoes and HK dollars. Remember, haggling in the open markets is expected but not in upscale stores.

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Points of Interest

1. IFC Mall

Shopping in Hong Kong is a sport in itself. A favorite pastime for locals, the International Finance Center is ground zero for most tourists due to its proximity to the main ferry piers and downtown Central.

The International Finance Center is a complex of buildings--IFC1 and IFC2--overlooking the waterfront in the heart of Hong Kong's banking... More

2. Li Yuen Street East and West (The Lanes)

Central Hong Kong is dominated by large thoroughfares off of which there are small, crowded alleyways. They are easy to walk by, but keep your eyes open for these gems.

Among the best known are the two narrow lanes linking Des Voeux Road Central with Queen's Road Central, called "the Lanes." Historically, the place to go for fabrics, those... More

3. Stanley Street (Camera Equipment)

Stanley Street is known for reasonably priced cameras and photographic equipment. While the best deals are in Kowloon, for those in Central who want good-quality, reliable products, these stores are worth a look.

Start near Pottinger Street and continue down the street as the numbers decrease to Photo Scientific at 6 Stanley St. Along the way... More

4. Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang is Hong Kong's most recognized modern clothing brand. Its stylish Art Deco store is located in the historic Peddler building near the corner of busy Queen's Road Central.

What makes Shanghai Tang unique is its one-of-a-kind blend of traditional Chinese style with a modern, European flair.

Shanghai Tang sells a modern version of... More

5. Roger Concept Tailor Co.

Roger Concept Tailor is a family owned business run by Roger Cheung; it specializes in men's suits, shirts and tuxedos. His shop is located on the fifth floor.

The shop is well regarded in Hong Kong ex-pat circles and they will custom tailor your clothes--everything from the cutting and assembly to fitting. Prices vary based on fabrics and... More

6. HSBC Building

This impressive building is one of the architectural wonders of Hong Kong and a major city landmark for locals and taxi drivers.

It is also the headquarters for the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp., one of the most important institutions in this banking capital. In fact, Hong Kongers simply refer to HSBC as "Hong Kong Bank," it is that... More

There are plenty of dim sum restaurants to choose from in downtown Hong Kong but Maxim's is considered the best. And the lines prove it. This well-known culinary destination is located on the second floor. Walk upstairs, take a number and wait. Plan to arrive early for lunch, even on weekdays, as lunch is a favorite past time for Hong Kongers.

... More