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Dubai Architecture Tour

Must-see buildings in the UAE’s boom town.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  Amid the man-made islands and extravagant theme parks and ever more preposterous architecture of Dubai, this city is building the... more »

Tips:  The best time to visit is late fall to early spring.

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Points of Interest

1. Al Qasr Restaurant

This Lebanese restaurant has outdoor tables overlooking a waterfront resort.

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa
United Arab Emirates


2. Atlantis, The Palm

The 114-acre Atlantis Dubai is, like the Atlantis Bahamas, an oversize extravaganza: 1,539 rooms, a water playground with rides, a dolphin habitat, and a 6,200-square-foot spa. Star chef Santi Santamaria’s Ossiano restaurant, his only venture outside of Spain, is submerged in a 3 million-gallon manmade lagoon, home to 65,000 marine animals.

... More

This classic Middle Eastern restaurant is located in Bur Dubai, one of the older parts of the city.

Al Ghubaiba Rd.
United Arab Emirates


This iconic, sail-shaped hotel—which soars 1,053 feet over the Persian Gulf, on an artificial island off Jumeirah Beach—literally epitomizes Dubai’s over-the-topness. And though the property, which was completed in 1999, is ancient by local standards, guests still stop to gawk at the self-professed “seven-star” hotel’s 600-foot-high atrium when... More

5. Business Bay

Currently under construction, Business Bay, when completed, will be a multipurpose, commercial and residential center. Located between Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, Business Bay will rest on land dredged from Dubai Creek. The expansive complex will span nearly 80 million square feet and will contain residential and office spaces, hotels,... More