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Iga Ueno Castle

The birthplace of the "Iga Ninja", and Poet Matsuo Basho.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.7 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Your visit to Iga Ueno-shi (Iga Ueno City) will comprise of three activities. History - Iga Ueno Castle and the Iga-ryu Ninja... more »

Tips:  I wish there was an easier way for you to get to Iga Ueno-shi,unless you can afford to travel here by helicopter,travelling by train... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Kintetsu Iga Kanbe Station

After having left the confines of the city, and travelled-through some great Japanese countryside, you arrive at Iga Kanabe station.
You will know you are on the right track (no pun intended)when you see your train.

The trip through this region is very-picturesque. After alighting one great-wee train, you board another for your final-leg of your trip.Check-out the Ninja on the roof, in the attached photo.

After your journey through some great Japanese countryside, you are about to embark and experience some local history,the arts and some adventure. Enjoy.

4. Gate of the White Phoenix

So called, as it is the entrance to Iga Ueno-jo, which is often referred to as the "White Phoenix Castle".

5. Iga Ueno-jo

Well, it's not a big castle. It's quaint and worth the view in and around.
Summer,Autumn,Winter,Spring - whatever time of year you visit Iga Ueno-jo, the castle is a very-beautiful sight.

Once inside the castle you will get to view relics of a bygone era. Imagine what it must have been like, back then, having to wear all the armour.

So far you have experienced some local history, with your tour of Iga Ueno-jo. Now, let the adventure part begin.

The tour of the museum will include a lecture and demonstration of the many tricks the Ninja used to outfox their opponents.

Thank-god these weapons are on display. The thought of someone using them scares me, as it may you.

This is where you may have to be very-careful, as you may become one of the targets (Just joking).

11. Moat Walls

Quite an imposing site, when you come to think of it they didn't have cranes,trucks or other machinery to construct these walls.

12. Haiku Poetry Masters Pavilion

If you look closely you will see the resemblance of the great poet - the roof his sedge hat,the octagonal lower-rood his straw raincoat,the pillars his walking-stick and the wooden-frame his face.
Inside there is a statue of Matsuo Basho.

13. Matsuo Basho Memorial Museum

Inside are copies of the great poets writings and documents.
Unfortunately I have no photos to attach to this P.O.I.

14. Birthplace of Matsuo Basho

Remaining on the Matsuo Basho theme, we have now left the castle park and made our way through town to the birthplace of the great poet.
The house is open to the public and admittance is 300-yen.

15. Uenoten Jingu Shrine and Sugawara Shrine.

No information is available regarding these two-shrines. They are a nice complex to visit as you make your return to Uenoshi Station.
What I can say,looking at the buildings and trees, is the shrine would be very old.

16. Ginza Street.

Not to be confused with the "Ginza" in Tokyo,but,I may add,just as interesting.
It is along here that you will be able to satisfy your taste-buds, at one of the many cafes and restaurants,before you re-board your train for home.