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Highlights of São Paulo

Explore the culture, art and nightlife of this vibrant city
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 18.7 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  The sheer size of the city—and the ferocity of its traffic jams—makes São Paulo sometimes difficult to navigate, and uncovering all of... more »

Tips:  Weekends are best for this tour, as museums tend to be closed on Mondays and the street life in Liberdade and on Rua Augusta is a bit ... more »

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Points of Interest

One of the few museums in the world dedicated to a language, the Museu da Língua Portuguesa (Museum of the Portuguese Language) exposes speakers and nonspeakers alike to the sinuous, fluid sounds of Brazil's beautiful mother tongue. Even though the exhibits and installations are all in Portuguese, newcomers to the language can pick up its rhythm... More

Housed in a stunning example of eclectic industrial architecture, the Mercado Municipal de São Paulo — nicknamed the Mercadão — has thousands of food items on offer, literally from soup to nuts. Lush tropical and temperate fruits from every season, choice cuts of meats and fish, and hearty prepared foods,such as the renowned and enormous... More

Known as São Paulo's Japantown, the Liberdade neighborhood offers an amazing fusion of sights, sounds, and flavors. On weekends, there's a fun street market with various and sundry food and curios. You can find excellent sushi, but make sure to ask for recommendations before you go. Wander around the boisterous side streets or into one of the many... More

The emerald heart of an oftentimes gray city, São Paulo's Parque do Ibirapuera offers respite from the urban madness among cool, shady trees and mentally-stimulating structures. Running trails, bike paths, and yoga and capoeira sessions let locals and visitors alike keep fit, while a clutch of museums and galleries — such as the museums of Modern ... More

Street art and graffiti are no where as prevalent as in São Paulo, where virtually no surface is left untouched. This lengthy stretch of high-walled residences in Vila Madalena, nicknamed Batman's Alley, showcases some of the most impressive spray paint murals around. The constantly changing nature of the art form means there's sure to be... More

Designed by prolific Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer as a monument to the socio-cultural and political unity of Latin America, and punctuated by a large modernist statue of a bleeding hand, the Memorial da América Latina is one of the more underrated attractions in the city. The collection of pavilions and galleries houses paintings, sculptures... More

For jaw-dropping views of one of the planet's most sprawling cities, the Edifício Itália is practically peerless. Situated in a bustling, if worn-down corner of downtown São Paulo, the 46-story office tower is capped by the Terraço Itália restaurant and bar. Adequate, expensive food and almost-campy white-glove service aside, you'll never see a... More

The hippest strip in town, Rua Augusta — especially the gritty but happening stretch north of Avenida Paulista, called "Baixo Augusta" — buzzes with hole-in-the-wall bars, nightclubs thumping from midnight til noon, corner luncheonettes, ethnic eateries, funky clothing stores, rockin' music venues and more than a few grungy strip clubs that are... More